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skill points - use 22MPrEC2f
off ads - Qv8bPP4ta
secret combination - ciW36AWEy
potions - mmvEXbyi3
double rewards - UPdwWoDTo
abilities - YNoUVHqAr
upgrade stones - YTZrJFvVj
transfer - 2mmnIJBnC
improve - o99UqDcpL
admin panel - eWTJ4wtBq
merger - BLehX59mp
legendary equipment - use 1lelhzEfE
items - Zm1l0CCNY
materials - UZS4triCk
appearance - HkCqLebAd
increase stats - SS8bmvDcr
gold - use Q62kwyE6e
ruby chest - GZXitsHS7
sapphire chest - OPf4dxYB5
keys - use PyDm1Pudx
sphere - Xht87ohgR
diamonds - wnblpJAC

Spirit Heroes use cheats
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Game story

Many soldiers fell in battle. Archdemon is very strong, but we can't allow him to get the amulet. King Godwin captured. You have to go a long way to the demon lands and save it. But first you need to learn the skills. Select the character classes: cleric, sniper, inquisitor, wizard. Now you can battle. Each campaign has 3 difficulty level and 3 stages. the more difficult the campaign, the more valuable is award. Let's start with the simplest one. Battles are turn-based. 1 turn equal 1 hero of the team. Click on the enemy, to see stats. You can use any character, byt then, he will be unavailable until the movement, when the other party members will also complete their turns.

Spirit Heroes Hack Basics trucos

Skills: healing - restores health of friendly hero up to 50%. mass healing - restores health of all friendly heroes up to 25%. Sniper shot - enemy hero got a critical strike. Critical damage increased to 10%. Cannonade - attack enemy hero 3 times in a row. Crit increased to 10%. Fire breath - sets fire to all enemy heroes for 2 rounds. Round 1-50% damage. Round 2 -25% damage. meteor rain - attack all enemy heroes. Frost strike - freezes an enemy hero for 2 turns. Chance of freezing 65%.

enter cheat (Spirit Heroes gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Dx40Gktys
level up - xPbQ2vuxG
daily pack - enter pass 2820Bj3sF
admin account - mHKsvjRgN
Month Card x1 - mHKsvjRgN
booster pack - KdNLutSUu
evolve - 2e9ashMZm
enhance - Ds26sPt7F
Abilities: regeneration - restores 20% of health in each turn. Dodge - if you have less than 50% health, dodge chance is increased by 30%. Calm - when hit by weapons in the enemy takes away from him 100 rage. Weakness - when a weapon hits an enemy, reduces him characteristics by 10%. Paralysis - when a weapon hits an enemy, paralyses him. Berserk - if you have less than 50% health, the damage is increased by 2 times. Poison - when a weapon hits an enemy, infects him with poison, which deals damage for 2 turns. Damage is reduced by 50% each turn.

Spirit Heroes Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Each hero have 2 skill, depending on the selected class. The first skill can always use, and a second will be available, when the rage scale is full.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: skill points, potions, abilities, upgrade stones, transfer, improve, merger, legendary equipment, items, materials, appearance, increase stats, gold,ruby chest, sapphire chest, keys, sphere, diamonds
3. Use potions to improve the stats of health and rage scale. To receive the award, you need complete 3 stages. Good luck in the battle, see you in the city.
4. To improve gear, go to forge. before upgrading the item should be stored in bag. Now there is only one weapon in the bag, that we took. You have the choice to upgrade, with a 100% chance or risk, but spend fewer upgrade stones. Try your luck, and have a chance to get epic or legendary equipment.

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