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Splash Ocean Sanctuary use cheats
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Game story

As a caretaker, you must repopulate and fill the reef with life. The reef needs our help. A nearby reef has been devastated by a storm. I need you to help rebuild it. You'll create a sanctuary to discover, nurture, and release species. Use everything i've taught you to fill the reef with life. That freak storm has stripped the reef bare. We have to bring it back to life, starting with this sanctuary. Look, we have some eggs to hatch out. I can't wait to meet our new friends. Tap an egg to hatch it. We get our fish food from green food pot here. First tap the food pot. Then drag the food onto each fish. Just what a growing fish needs. It'll take time before they get hungry again.

Splash Ocean Sanctuary Hack Basics

Decorations are recyclers, turning waste into 'nutrients coins' that we can use to make food. Tap the decorations to collect the coins they've made. Keep feeding your fish until they are fully grown. When our fish are all grown up, we can release them out into the reef. They left us with some 'thank you' presents. Tap to open the chests that our fish gave us. Now we can use items to make more eggs. Open the aquapedia and create an egg. It's that book button to the right. The number on the aquapedia button is our current population. Complete missions to earn helpful rewards.

Hint & Tips

1.We can actually establish colonies of fish out there in the reef! We just have to release enough of each species. You've leveled up! You know what that means? We can expand our Sanctuary. Let's use the key to unlock our new piece of reef. Tap the lock and drag the key that appears onto it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: expansion key, speed up, food, coins, premium decoration, tickets, chest, unlock territory, auto clicker
3. Place new decoration to earn more coins. Decorations are amazing, the way they recycle our waste back into nutrients. Our sanctuary would struggle without them.

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