Cheats hack SRPG Simulator code:SSR hero, summon x10, keys, advance, star up, stamina, cash money, diamonds, gold SRPG Simulator Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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SSR hero - use XmwpPtapw
summon x10 - FocLiD6SB
secret combination - G3jYElytE
keys - eMrMPYYro
double rewards - 2EhEkoBwb
gold coins - 5sqanHqcS
advance - rOspsnISs
star up - 9Ifcb77TO
stamina - o4fqj1YEM
admin panel - iJ63vVW8h
cash money - GLLH8HZAY
diamonds - use aWsgwlIm2
artifact - DNLafntiN
fragments - use TEOmIviTe
gems - m8b7x553g

SRPG Simulator use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'm your instructor, i will guide you to be familiar with the operation of the simulator. The hero RA is full, use 'Aoyi' to counter attack. Select the enemy position to attack. Click the character button to enter the card interface. Choose the hero you already have. Upgrade the hero level first. Select the unit skill tab. The appearance of mutants will increase the EP consumption for collection. Please expel them as soon as possible. You can buy 50 EP each time in gene institute. Can purchase the upper limit in project. Remember, character's star up can increase a lot of ability.

SRPG Simulator Hack Basics trucos

Attack: move forward two grids to close the target. Use the newly upgraded skill to attack the target. Good job! You smashed the remaining enemy hero! Mecah summon has been activated, come and collect more hero. Unit summon have a free summon chance every 24 hours. Tap summon to draw a new hero. Some soldiers can only be obtained in special access. Long press can check hero CMD. Click to use omnishard and convert. Upgrade to specific level can obtain new skill.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - rN1TPvkZz
level up - uMtqEbOMe
daily pack - enter pass AXjz09wY1
admin account - vRJYec04L
Month Card x1 - M5ljZkEMG
booster pack - jtiUV5bIs
evolve - F4GEu1scc
enhance - o8Dz7eIq5
Notice the matching between heroes. First come to get the task reward, and then go to the next level. Tasks with massive rewards, which will ends in 7 days after registration. Please complete it asap. Hero shards access cna be found in Atlas. It see,s that there are heroes who can improve the star level. Let's try it. Click the 'sta-up' button. Continue challenge the mainline level. Novice activities are open. Come and have a look. During the 7 day period, novices can get rich rewards by logging in every day.

SRPG Simulator Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. There are also a variety of daily tasks, complete the task to obtain a large number of role training materials.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR hero, summon x10, keys, advance, star up, stamina, cash money, diamonds, gold coins, gems, artifact, fragments
3. Pass the designated story level can get special drama hero.
4. Hero shards - here you can check the amount of fragments owned by heroes who have not been collected.

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