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money - use 9hob2ABFZ
skill points - oUloteRvs
secret combination - ARJsLoypK
increase attack speed - 04PYDfBYM
double rewards - gmbPkr5lz
gems - RRhKCNsr6
off ads - ho2EW3doB
offline mode - 1u7U0Cclu
heroes - 726spTvbN
admin panel - o0pXKGHAG
new levels - bOyp2dpTL
battle pass - use FyTiwwbt8
premium towers - g5zD2dd2o

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Game story

Welcome to battlefront! I'm your guides Eve! For next two level, i will guide you to learn how to defend the invasion of the enemy. First, let's learn how to build a tower. Click the floor on the screen! Let's build a gun tower. Now we can see the gun tower icon and other three locked tower icons. We click the gun tower icon on the top right side. Continue click Ok to build. We have completed to build the first tower. We can test its combat effectiveness. We've defend the first wave of the enemy's attack, but there are several enemies escaped in this wave. We continue to build towers to kill them.

Star Fort TD Hack Basics trucos

We choose the right bottom of place to build tower. Here we can defend the two sides of the enemy. We've got enough gold from those enemies who has been destroyed. And now we continue to build gun tower. More kill enemies, more get gold, more buy new towers. We have accumulated enough gold. You can free build by your mind.

enter cheat (Star Fort TD gift codes):
upgrade trucos - QsOyCthZH
level up - JvI0ZTrf9
daily pack - enter pass aFn16hJCM
admin account - l7ILxahaY
Month Card x1 - JYgWHmWD2
booster pack - 9v5VyvN31
evolve - N97lKcRxL
enhance - xqeSo4sjs
Sir, in this level we will learn the other operational methods with different tower. To understand the effect of the interaction between different towers. First, we build a heavy turret. Heavy turret is a powerful weapon. It can hurt multiple enemies at the same time. Very suitable for attack intensive dense enemies. The heavy turret hits the enemies of the herd, then the gun tower will destroy the wounded enemies. They worked well together.

Star Fort TD Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Let's have a look the biochemical tower - can reduce the speed of the enemy. It can bring deceleration effect when attack enemy, affecting the outcome of the war situation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: money, skill points, increase attack speed, gems, off ads, offline mode, heroes, new levels, battle pass, premium towers
3. Look an heavy enemy! It has very high armor protection, general weapons will hurt it difficult. To kill this kind of enemy, let's build a new weapon - laser tower to kill it. Click on the floor on the screen. The laser from tower can permanently hit the enemy! And, its attack can penetrate the enemy heavy armor.

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