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Star Stable Game story

According to legend, the story of Jorvik began when a star fell from the sky. The star took the form of a girl on horseback whose light brought life to the island. Her story inspired heroes who protected Jorvik from all who would do it harm, wether those threats came from this world...or beyound. But her greatest gift to Jorvik was the special bond between a horse and rider. Through that bond, anything is possible. The people of Jorvik cherish their strong and lasting connection to horses. Today, Jorvik is famous around the world as a paradise for those who love riding. Legends long forgotten, its heroes are now found in riding halls and on the range. Your story on Jorvik has just begun...

You're on your way to Moorland Stables where you will be taking care of a horse of your own. It's a dream come true! Perhaps you will build a life here, making friends and become a famous rider. But there's a feeling deep inside that you can't ignore. The island seems to whisper your name. Could there be truth in those old legends of heroes on horseback? There are no limits to what you can accomplish on Jorvik when you and your horse ride as one. What will you make of your time here? Mooving on foot - Use the joystick on the left side of the screen to walk.

Star Stable Hack Basics trucos

Move close to your horse and click on the saddle to mount. Click this button to start the quest. Mounting your horse. Tap the saddle of your horse to mount it. The exclamation mark over Justin's head is now green. That means you can complete the quest. Talk to Justin again. After completing a quest you get a reward. This popup shows what you get. The icons in the Quest Reward popup mean different things Player Experience - Get enough and you will level up. Horse Experience - Your horse can also go level up. Jorvik Shillings - Money you can spend in shops. Item - Some quests will reward you with items. Having a horse isn't the same as owning a bike or a car - it's a relationship. The more time you spend around horses, the more you'll see how much you have to give each other.

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Here at Moonland Stables, we expect our guests to care for their horses, so let me explain the basics of horse care. Use the hay, hoof pick and brush on your horse. Talk to Justin again after that. To get off your horse, tap the dismount button. To care of your horse, drag and drop items from your backpack onto your horse. First, open your backpack by tapping this button. Each need has its own item. Drag and Drop the items onto your horse, one item at a time, to care for your horse's needs. Drag and Drop the items from your backpack onto your horse. Use the brush to groom Tsunamiguardian, then scrape his hooves and give him some food and water. You can't be on your horse when you do this. Use the tools in your Backpack. If you do this every day your horse will soon be so happy that he will run faster, but if you don't take care of Tsunamiguardian, he will soon become sad and run slower. Surely a responsible rider like you would never let that happen! Especially not here at Moorland!

Star Stable Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Here at Moorland we always need help taking care of our horses and now I know that I can trust you. Look at the noticeboard by the stable and see if there are any stable jobs that need to be done. We upgrade every day, so remember to look at it every day!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Star Stable cheat code - give: reputation, off needs, food, water, skills, star coins, equipment, exclusive clothes, shillings, star rider, premium horse, vip content
3. If there isn't any water in the bucket you can fill it up from the well outside the stable or in the trough in your home stable. You can buy more hay in some of the shops.
4. If you find yourself needing more information on how to play Star Stable you can look for it in the Help Menu. In the Help Menu you can also find information on how to contact Star Stable Support.
5. Stable - Any horses you purchase come here. Here you can meet and take care of all your horses that you're not riding, as well as change your hairstyle, organize your storage, and more. Head inside to learn more! You need to bring your horse with you to enter or exit your stable.
6. There is so much to show you and talk to you about, but first you should go and speak to Jenna. She can tell you a little more about how things work here in Moorland.
7. People in Jorvik belong to factions. The better your reputation is with a faction, the more they will like you. This means that you will unlock new items in the faction's shop, new quests might become available, and more.
8. To get reputation with a faction, complete quests given to you by people belonging to it. You can see which faction you will gain reputation within the quest tab.
9. Reputation Shop - Here, you can equipment that needs you to have earned the trust of the faction that runs the shop. Each settlement in Jorvik, and many other groups of people, have their own faction. In Moorland you unlock items to buy in this shop by completing quests with the people around here.
10. Clothes Shop - Buy clothes for your character here. Clothes can give your character bonuses that make you ride better. Items can be purchased with Jorvik Shillings or Star Coins.
11. Mailbox - Here you can send mail to other players, and read any mail you get from others. Mails are a great way to write long messages with other players, or share something when they aren't online.
12. Pickup Call - You can instantly travel to your home stable at any time by calling for pick up. This is free and is a great way to get home if you're lost or have a long way to travel.
13. Horse Transport - You can find horse transports like this one all over Jorvik. Each one you find allows you to travel to any other transport you've found. To use the Horse Transport, have your horse walk into it. As you have only found this one, you can't use it yet.
14. Bonus Shop - If you're lifetime Star Rider, you can get exclusive clothes and horse gear here for free. The gear in this store is free, but onbly if you have access to the Bonus Shop.

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