Cheats hack Star Titans A New Beginning code:crystals, stamina, slots, premium item, credits, materials, weapons, gear Star Titans A New Beginning Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Star Titans A New Beginning hack cheat code List

crystals - use hack JfFmIgRWT
daily pack - enter pass IeF8Ppbxg
restore stamina - HB1P9N7jF
inventory slots - wMbsTciRd
booster pack - LqMS4v5Px
epic gear - sBQR3XH81
Month Card x1 - YWfEESnP8
upgrade - W1fmQOMkg
daily gift bag x10 - x74KKMPH7
secret combination code - E51ytb8EZ
premium item - nsUEogeh0
credits - TXNYVRwKT
materials - Vd9wZKVSP
weekly box - hmWrEOqGN
exclusive weapons - xlpcrYtoX
epic gear - 0eqed5oRu
level up - 99DiFrdkk

Star Titans A New Beginning use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome, IPC headquarters has informed me of your arrival. The enemy is currently planning an assault on Titus-iv and we need your assistance. Proceed to the landing zone on Titus-IV and report to the local colonial commander for further instruction. To begin exploring the locations on the planet surface, click on the landing zone. First we must clear the landing zone to allow all the drop ships to land. Expect heavy resistance since they detected our arrival from orbit. Select a companion for battle, its best to choose a friend that complements your character class.

Star Titans A New Beginning Hack Basics

At the top of the screen your character is shown in battle. You can target enemies for the next attack by tapping on them. In the middle of the screen, your team and weapons are displayed with their affinity color. Each affinity color has strengths and weaknesses over another color. At the bottom of the screen is the puzzle board, make your match to attack the enemy. An important part of gameplay is using character skills. Light skills will keep your team alive, and dark skills will inflict massive damage to quickly wipe out enemies. Click on your player portrait to use your skill.

Hint & Tips

1. Divine heal - by focusing his power, the consular can heal those who have been wounded in battle. Each cast recovers 100 health.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: crystals, restore stamina, inventory slots, premium item, credits, materials, exclusive weapons, epic gear
3. Vengeful strike - unleashes a heavy strike from above causing 300% increased damage from your main weapon.

Star Titans A New Beginning Hack tools Version:


Star Titans A New Beginning Redeem code - premium gift box

1. YhVSuQPlWwP3PQq
2. Jv6puA3IpE9qFuk
3. 4qRZgSG4wh83vij
4. iS4LiYPdK9jQMln
5. SgePVQi6b3YBlaL
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