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Star Wega Lost Planet hack cheat code List

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Star Wega Lost Planet use cheats
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Game story

Weba-22b is a harsh and dangerous planet. People settled here over thousand years ago, but they found out that the planet is already inhabited by something else. Most of them were mysteriously lost and never heard from again, and the few that remained where forced into hiding. That happened too long ago and no one remembers exactly what or who caused this to happen. The only thing anyone knows now, is that it is dangerous on the surface, and the only safe place is SkyCity. Many are not allowed to live in Skycity, and are forced to live on the dangerous planet surface. One of those people is Hyra, a scavenger who lives on the surface and is surviving by exploring forgotten ruins and selling anything she can find. On one of those scavenge hunts, she ventured too far from borders of the city into the lost and unknown lands. She was attacked by a strange creature she has never seen before and was forced to find a place to hide. With the help of her friend EVA she found an abandoned outpost in the middle of nowhere, which she can use as a shelter. Now she must survive in this hostile environment and return once EVA is repaired.

Star Wega Lost Planet Hack Basics

Planet Wega is covere in dangerous radiation. To survive you need shields! To charge your shields you need energy from energy crystals. Collect nearby crystals. Use energy generator to convert crystals to energy. Create energy cells from energy crystals you collect in the world and use them to recharge your shields. With your shields recharged, you can explore further. TO explore the world, you need to recharge your shields that protect you against dangerous radiation. You can recharge your shields at any time as long as you have energy cells. Even outside your base. Shields are recharged, you can drive your bike, Walk towards the bike and press mount button.

Hint & Tips

1. Collect resources, craft upgrades and survive on a dangerous planet. Combat environment radiation, which makes it impossible to stay out in open for a long time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, shield, energy, speed up, coins, experience, unlock territory
3. Get back to your base to recharge, craft and get back into the world.

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