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Game story

You must learn the value of caution. Stay level headed, think strategy, or else you're dead. Let's warm up with the basics. Attack slime by matching three sword gems. You can attack with magic too, but it isn't your speciality. Try matching three spirit gems. See how weak those attacks were? Prioritize your sword attack! Finish with a magic attack. Compared to Adelynn, the white mage here is strong with spirit gems. You've been hit hard! The white mage can heal wounds when they use star gems.

Starsteel Fantasy Hack Basics trucos

Adelynn star move is different. Try it to deliver a powerful attack. Adelynn's affinity is water - strong against fire enemies, but weak against wind opponents. First, attack the wind slime. The attack was weak because of your affinity match-up. Now use your affinity advantage by attacking the fire slime. When you match 4 tiles together, you will create a bonus gem. Bonus gems can be swapped or tapped to activate.

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When you tap a horizontal bonus gem it will clear the two gems horizontally adjacent to the bonus gem. Each cleared gem is treated like a regular match. In this case, tapping the horizontal bonus gem is like matching 6 star gems. When you match 4 gems together vertically, you will create a vertical bonus gem. When you tap a vertical bonus gem, it will clear the tiles above and below the bonus gem. In this case, tapping the bonus gem will trigger both a physical and magical attack.

Starsteel Fantasy Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you match 5 gems or more, you will create a combo bonus gem. The combo bonus gem is very powerful. When you tap or swap the combo bonus gem it will clear the gems above, below and to the left and right.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Starsteel Fantasy cheat code - give: unlimited moves, gold coins, resources, starsteel, legendary hero, treasure chest, rare summon x10, siesse shard, minor fire crystals, speed up
3. Every hero has a unique signature ability, Adelynn's signature ability is frost. Frost does strong physical damage and has a chance to apply freeze. If successful, freeze prevents and enemy's next turn. To activate your signature, you'll need to fill up your signature energy bar, located below your signature name. After each turn, you will gain signature energy, trigger a physical attack now.
4. Notice that you have 1 slot filled up in your energy bar below frost. If you want to fill up your bar more quickly, you can match signature energy gems. Note that your signature move does not count as a turn, so you'll get a follow up move.
5. Sometimes the best use of a turn is to set up your teammate. The mage can set up Adelynn by swapping the gem into a great position. Mage, make the nori match swap now. Adelynn, take advantage of the setup!

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