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10/10 (technology, usability, aesthetic, trait point) - tXiXRMqen
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full version - nKHHPBNeG
Month Card x1 - GGZx7ogBE
upgrade - nkGSsI6N3
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secret combination code - G0FGYIuLU
cash - qJf2MMvV0
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research - FmfvvgJTx
training - ogv96hHuj
premium employee - MV8V0mLMA
users - Yn1trgE2p

Startup Panic use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Hi there! I'm happy to see you! I know you probably recognize me from my previous work, but hey, there is no harm in doing an introduction. I have an agreement with the game developer stating that i will a free service for startups in exchange for a place in the game. Now you have chosen a name for your startup, but a name alone won't people use your app. Click the feature button on the left panel. Complex features may require more employees. Choose your employee(s) - do their best work when they have high motivation. Pay attention to the recommended number of employees. Working with fewer than recommended leads to poor work. Adding more than recommended leads to a longer development time.

Startup Panic Hack Basics

Choose priority - set your priorities for the new feature: read the feature's description to help your decide. Objectives - click here to show your current objectives. Completing objectives will give you a reward. Some will unlock a new feature in the game. Develop a feature and get points that can be redeemed for a company trait. You can start redeeming your points by accessing the company trait option in the left menu. Each feature can grant you up to 2 trait points. The higher the score, the more points you'll earn. Choose the trait that will give you the most advantage, The trait cost will increase every time you redeem a trait. Send your employee on vacation - the higher the motivation, the better their work.

Hint & Tips

1. Use a post mortem review to analyze your contract work/feature development.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: speed up, 10/10 (technology, usability, aesthetic, trait point), development cost 0$, cash, motivation 100%, increase stats, research, training, users.
3. Train your characters to increase their attributes. To train your employee, click on the unit and click the "train" button on the lower right.
4. It looks like your competitor has snatched some of your company's market share. But don't worry too much, competition is like bad flu, sooner or later we will catch it. keep developing new features that people love, and you will beat your competition in no time.
4. Doing research could open a new menu or feature. To do some research, click the "research" button on the left.

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