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resources - use ebLYZcRpJ
off ads - uCVIA31N1
secret combination - yXVgTxon1
restore HP - mHk36HwzV
double rewards - ka5EGMoqU
off hungry - yQmmv3TBJ
off thirsty - IT2B3yG3i
weapons - thoxQVjxI
equipment - 3gIEnaALN
admin panel - cDsckXeqY
unlimited ammo - 6KW6Y2eH2
gems - use Ldvjyvr8A
packs - gZeZOnkAP

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Game story

In the hacked version you get to explore a new location along with two new events with valuable loot. Hop into character customization and pick a nickname. We also looked into different in-game aspects, such as crafting, weapon durability, resources on locations and many more. New location: police station - explore the abandoned police building that turned into a refuge for both zombies and marauders. Location is available at level 15. New time limited event: suburb - there are rumors about deserted garages, where a lot of valuable loot can be found. Beware through, this place is swarmed with undead. Location is available at level 8. Basement - raiders have located another cellar with a powerful foe in the depths. They must be protecting something. Location is available

Stay Alive Hack Basics trucos

Recipes and production time of some items have been adjusted. Weapon and tools: melee weapon durability has been increased by 40-50%. Some weapons do not provide area damage anymore. Shotgun damage increased. Stone tools damage has been reduced from 20 to 5. Metal tools damage has been reduced from 30 to 20. Raiders have located another cellar with a powerful foe in the depths. They must be protecting something. Location is available at level 10.

enter cheat (Stay Alive gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Ivn54cZ5e
level up - uuvqU9iMS
daily pack - enter pass eq5dWXOkR
admin account - YpIx2sblc
Month Card x1 - pISr5VEq4
booster pack - FDB2nxFQU
evolve - 9b60rrf7X
enhance - Ps5h1F1fB
The mechanics behind the time limited events occurrence has been changed. Now some locations appear after performing certain actions, while the other appear on the specific schedule. Trees received new visuals. Now high level locations provide more wood and stone. The difficulty of the last waves on the wheel of fortune and arena has been lowered. A new mission 'explorer' has been added: clear any location.

Stay Alive Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You will need a lot of different resources and a place where they will be stored: the chest at the based and cooking tools are useful to you, in order not to die of starvation or dehydration.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, restore HP, off hungry, off thirsty, weapons, equipment, unlimited ammo, gems, packs, off ads
3. Now you can choose an appearance for your character and nickname. Store your most valuable items in the unbreakable locker - raiders are not able to crack it. Now you can craft up to 5 items on the workbench on one slot simultaneously. Recipes and production time of some items have been adjusted.

Stay Alive Hack tools Version:


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Hack Release Date: 17 April 2021
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