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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

When our world was still young and innocent. The gods grew bored and forget a heart of evil and placed it in the chest of a behemoth. A true hero was called upon and by his hand the corrupted heart of the monster was torn out and buried where it could do no harm. Over the years, his heroic deeds fell into obscurity. Instead, heroes of fortune spread across the land like a shadow. But, there was still light to be found. Our story begins with two such lights, two friends, strolling through the forest in search of a mushroom. As if sent on a mission by the ancient gods, our heroes cut their way through green finger's grove.
Mode: squire - battles are easier and you'll have an easier time overall. Knight - a suitable difficulty level for most players. Legend - battles are significantly harder. Recommended for players who want an extra challenge.

SteamWorld Quest Hack Basics

Battles are fought using punch cards! Each turn you'll draw up to 6 cards. These cards represent abilities your heroes can use. You can choose up to three cards to play each turn. To play a card, drag it from your hand over a target. You can also tap cards for additional options. The cards will line up at the top of the screen. You can tap the lineup to take back the most recently player card. When you're happy with the card you've selected, press the finish turn button in the top corner of the screen. Your units can play three kinds of cards: strike, upgrading and skill. Strike cards are just what they sound like, basic, uncomplicated attacks that deal damage to your enemies. Upgrade cards empower your heroes temporarily in some way. As your heroes use strike or upgrade cards they build up steam pressure (or SP) that can be spent to play powerful skill cards. Each strike or upgrade card generates one SP. Your characters have a shared pool of SP. Skill cards are very versatile and powerful, but if you don't have enough SP you can't play them at all! manage your pool of SP wisely.

SteamWorld Quest Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Damage comes in five elements: physical, fire, frost, storm and arcane. A card's damage type is shown on the card. Some enemies have natural resistance or weakness to certain elements and some cards can raise or lower elemental defense. Use the right element to maximize the damage you deal.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: recovery items, weapons, accessories, materials, increase stats, artifact, level up, upgrade, legendary card
3. Recovery items can be used to heal your heroes or cure status conditions. They are a food way of dealing with challenges that you can't solve with cards alone, but supplies are limited. You can find recovery items in chests, by defeating enemies, or by buying them from merchants. Use recovery items outside of combat by going to the items menu and the selecting recovery items. Your heroes are automatically revived and cured of negative status conditions at the end of each battle, so some items can't be used this way. Use recovery items in battle menu and selecting recovery items. Recovery items used this way count as playing a card for the turn, so think carefully about the right time to use them.
4. If one of your heroes falls to 0 health, that hero is scrapped. If all active heroes become scrapped? Game over! Cards belonging to a scrapped unit become useless and waste space in your hand. Make sure to redraw those cards. Scrapped characters are repaired after each fight, but health is otherwise not restored between fights. You can heal during battle using certain cards, but that can be tricky. Visit a hero statue or use a recovery item to restore health outside of combat.

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