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fuse - use hack 4QG63mqFu
daily pack - enter pass 3IOKrPSSp
admin account - Z5SZsiHh9
modules - lxdVL6Dp7
booster pack - dHZ6CMMcC
tier a ship - ZMoEBji5R
Month Card x1 - CL4MW5Nci
epic core - KnKRZ1aQz
daily gift bag x10 - HlRjdGJM3
resources - MOBKuCRED
gems - 1X9OhdCjm
upgrade - oZSJ9yFsl
level up - SlaitkmaF
vip - BZD86w61k
packs - p81dViQCS
game speed x10 - ysxYRn6eq

Stellar Wind Idle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

We are the 9th fleet of the star patrol! We make sure that the planets of the human cosmos are secure. We were certain that we were doing it reliably. But not anymore... When we returned from our lates mission to our home system of Nembus, we found it annihilated. The star had exploded, sweeping away all of its planets from the face of the galaxy. We looked desperately for survivors byt the only signal that we could pick up was a mayday from the system of altair, the center of the confederation. We immediately sent out fleet to Pylon to make an interstellar leap and come to the rescue. Unfortunately, there occurred an error in the Pylon's coordinates, and the fleet found itself in an unknown system, in the think of the battle.

Stellar Wind Idle Hack Basics

Press play to select a fleet for the first mission. Choose the ship, we need all the power of our fleet. Sove ships have skills, activate torpedo! Use the loot you brought to the hangar from your last battles - construct a new ship. Upgrade unit - click on the upgrade button several times. Your ships fight and collect loot while you are in the hangar or offline. Do not overload your ships! If you have collected 5 modules or ship cores, be sure to go the hangar and unload the ships. Otherwise, you will ose the next loot. Auto - you turned on the automatic use of skills at the ship. They will be used immediately upon availability. Do not rush to use all the ships of the first level for a fusion. A ship made of higher level materials will give more fuse points.

Hint & Tips

1. The tier of the ship determines its maximum level. Max levels: tier d - 200, tier c - 300, tier b - 460, tier A - 500.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: fuse, modules, tier a ship, epic core, resources, packs, level up, upgrade, game speed x10
3. Fuse and merge will give new stars and rarity to the ships, providing them with more stats and a larger level cap.
4. Don't forget to upgrade your ship with modules! They can dramatically increase the strength of your ships.
5. You can always control the ships manually for the best performance. Select your ship and a target using the ship list.
6. Efficiency - here you can see the effectiveness of your selected ships. It depends on armor penetration, ability to shoot at a ship and the power of a cannon.

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1. ZX1KL64XOM1K5uh
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4. zJiEOwluDi1CTwK
5. IWiaTY6DbwqsNrq
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