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Stinger EP1 hack cheat code List

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Stinger EP1 use cheats
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Game story

Now, we will conduct a flight test of the latest prototype in attack spacecraft. You can rotate the ship in any direction using the directional lever. The thruster propels you in the direction you are facing. You have to be aware that you are in space. So when the spacecraft starts to move due to inertia, it never stops by itself. If you want to stop the movement of your spacecraft, you can adjust the speed by using the thrusters in the opposite direction to the one you are currently moving in.

Stinger EP1 Hack Basics

Go through the target points in order and through the gap of the huge meteorite. Even though it is a stinger, if it collides with huge meteorites at high speed, it will definitely cause great damage. So go carefully when using reverse Inertia. You should be getting used to the control by now. Pressing the shot button fires a powerful chaingun. The position of the target cna be gained from the arrow on the screen and the distance by the size of the arrow. The larger the arrow, the closer it is.

Hint & Tips

1. Also, if you look at the map in the upper left corner, you cna immediately see the position of your Stinger and your target.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coffee, beer, meal, credits, premium ship, survival mode, off ad, multiplayer, vip status, skill points
3. Large meteorites will be broken and scattered when destroyed by the chaingun. Skillfully control your spacecraft and destroy all the debris.
4. We need to compile all the research material and head to planet Beefeater.

Stinger EP1 Hack tools Version:


Stinger EP1 Redeem gift code

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