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Game story

Are you ready to join the airship league and become an airship pilot, to defend Earth against the Morlock invasion? We can now reveal the location of the secret airship league training yard, on this remote island in the South Pacific. Welcome to Mata Utu, home of the Salty. It's the perfect place for you to learn to fly! First, let's get your airship engines up and running. Tap the airship button on your HUD to access upgrades. Tap the room with the station you want to upgrade. With the correct station selected, build your first upgrade.

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Main engine - your airship's main source of motive power. The better the engine, the faster you go! Great, you've got your main engine activated! Now it's time to learn to fly! Use the joystick and fly through the skyrings to reach the target marked A. Hero rift - tap on it to launch a probe and collect your first hero. If the shot is successful, you'll free the hero to join your team. Now that you've got your first hero, it's time to battle some bad guys. Let's use our autopilot.

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Hero skills cost action points. When your team earns enough action points, their skills light up. Looks like you got the hang of combat! But if you want to be atop airship league pilot, you're going to need to travel faster. It's time to upgrade your main engine again! Some upgrades require other parts of the ship to be upgraded first - usually the combat station. Let's go take care of that now. Command station - your pilot captain seat, from which you give your orders.

StormWorld Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. By upgrading your airship you have completed a mission for the airship league. Collet your rewards now. You've reached a new level. Take a moment to upgrade your heroes to match. Strong heroes make a strong airship league. Find another battle to demonstrate your new power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter StormWorld cheat code - give: promote, legendary heroes, abilities, gears, materials, resources, gold, gems, instant, battle trophy, airship
3. Formation: Blaze is a sharpshooter and will do better on the back line behind a strong front line warrior like Wardencliff.
4. Your training is almost complete. Let's add a jump engine to your airship so you can leave the island and travel around the world. Jump engine - amazing jump technology developed by Doc animaly allows instant travel to any tower on the globe.

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