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Street Drag 2 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Select the tier 1 zone. Let's start with this race. Race to win money and a bronze medal. Choose the modem distance, and difficulty of the race. Go race- tap this button to enter the race. Tap the accelerator to get the rpm close to the start indicator. When the light is green, press button to go. When your rpm matches the shift indicator, shift to the next gear. The rpm at launch should be close to the engine's max torque.Tap "nitro" to activate or deactivate your nitro.

Street Drag 2 Hack Basics

Hi there, i'm your chief mechanic, and i'll be helping you out with a few tutorials. Body shop - here you can customize the appearance and certain attributes of your car. Let's look at an example to help you get started. Remember, these modifications won't be applied, since this is just an example. Let's start by changing the color of your car. Tap to open the paint tab. Tap on any color present to pain your car. Now that we have the base color we wanted, let's see how to apply a decal. Tap to choose the placement foe the decal. That looks pretty cool, but sometimes you need something more to win a race. That's why we are going to need one of the best wheel sets in the body shop. The basic tire grip of your car depend on it. Each wheel has a different weight and grip coefficient, so choose your wheels carefully.

Hint & Tips

1. Change your name in the lower bar and it will appear on your license plate.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: cash, pro card, unlimited nitro, premium items, unlock cars, money, tokens, medals, auto rpm, free shop
3. Having an active subscription gets you a 50% discount on some items in the store.
4. You can replace the chassis in your project car with a chassis from any other car you have previously purchased. Playing with your project car earns you a cash bonus.
5. A high gear ratio or final drive ration means a lower top speed but more drive wheel torque.
6. Remember that all wheels, chassis, and spoilers have their own specifications that will change how the car behaves. However, some changes might not have much of an effect on the car's performance. Many factors can affect your car's performance, but some affect it more than others. We'll be focusing on the three main factors, which are power, weight, and tire grip. Since engine power is the result of the torque and the engine speed, it cannot be modified directly. If you wan to increase the power, you must increase the torque or increase the rpm of the torque curve.

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