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Streetball Allstar use cheats
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Game story

Hi there, i've been waiting here for you. Come on, let's start with some basics. Press and slide the joystick on bottom left and move to the ball, then pick it up. Now tap pass to pass the ball to me. Cooperation is the key to winning. Remember to pass balls as much as possible to your teammates. But they may take other actions. The more in tune you are with your teammates, the better chance you have of winning the match. Pressing then hold shoot to shoot the ball. By tapping shoot, do a shot fake which may fake out the defender. Shooting when the power scale stops at the green zone can increase the shooting accuracy. Speaking of scoring, the coolest way to score is definitely dunking.

Streetball Allstar Hack Basics

You should get close to the basket to dunk. Use the joystick to move towards the basket and long press shoot at the same time, then wou will do a dunk. The key to rebounding is standing in the right position and tapping the button at the right time. When your opponent shoots, you should give him a big block. Blocking is also an advanced skill. You need to dribble across the three point line or pass the ball to a teammate outside the three point line. Choose the right timing to shoot, or the disturbance from the defenders will decrease your shooting accuracy, you may even get blocked. So bear in mind that do not shoot randomly. Only by getting past the defenders can you shoot at the best accuracy. You will get badges and strengthen gear after completing the games.

Hint & Tips

1. You can purchase and gain the medals directly and unlock the corresponding season pass reward.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: season pass, energy cels, gold, gems, nutrition bar, protein powder, gem, exclusive skin, fragments, premium frame
3. The team who firstly scores in the playoff wins the match.
4. Every veteran started as a beginner. We all should be kind to beginners to maintain a warm community. Want your players to become stronger? Let's learn skills and strengthen character now. Using skills can make it easier to score and defend.
5. Accusing will only lose you your friends; only by complementing and inspiring each other can you achieve victories together.
6. You will get badges by completing daily tasks or matches. When you have collected enough badges, you will unlock rewards.

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