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Summoners Legends use cheats
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Game story

Year 227, Qingyuan era...Augustine the great falls, and the core maintaining the seal is broken - Pit of Annihilation. Drake has awaken once more and is wreaking havoc on the land of Tahalmut, consuming energy. Spensa, daughter of Augustine, leads her people in battle against Grone. The fabric of space - time fractures and warps - alternate dimension. The people give their lives to fight this common enemy. She falls, Spensa burns her divine power to deal a deadly blow to Grone that sends him back. Heroes of the alternate dimension who died in battle turn into relics to protect future generation. They await the next hero's call. Well, if it isn't the great mage? Welcome, my lord! What brings you to my neck of the woods today? I didn't know you would be coming today, or i would have prepared a proper reception. Forgive me, my lord. It's time to put an end to this.

Summoners Legends Hack Basics

We must summon more spirits in order to stop the evil drake. I will soon enter into a deep sleep. I don't know when i'll be able to find you again. You must survive...The world is in chaos and war plagues the land. Let's see if we can find some like-minded companions. Go take a look at boss Ushi's. It's rare someone as strong as Musashi shows up, but powerful fighters can often be found there. Find a cool place to rest and restore your AP. Musashi's sword is glowing. What kind of special material is it made out of? I see, so when a weapon glows it means you have enough composition materials to evolve it. I never knew that before. Once all equipment has been evolved to green, you can evolve mushashi to green. Evolving a hero will unlock new skills and let you evolve their gear to the next rank. Upgrade all will upgrade all gear with one touch. Hero menu - here you can view info about your team and change the name, avatar and divine beast.

Hint & Tips

1. Once you have heroes you can activate their bonds. The higher the heroes' star level, the better the bonus.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: recruit x10, gold, gear, evolve, rank up, gem, free roulette, SSS hero, stamina, shards, level up, upgrade
3. Create or join a guild to earn exclusive rewards, and also participate in Guild Wars together with your allies. Remember! It’s not just a game of yourself.

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