Cheats hack Summoners War Lost Centuria code:legendary card, crystal, relic summon, mana stone, skin, glory box, artifact Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Summoners War Lost Centuria hack cheat code List

legendary card - use hack 36HvAN0z6
daily pack - enter pass gwSLrCKVb
crystal - IeWCe1j6x
relic summon - K2IIxgBcU
booster pack - 5fSRGHES5
mana stone - MMkP5czWh
Month Card x1 - zSAALPNHn
upgrade - txErobCbc
daily gift bag x10 - JAZVYnI4s
secret combination code - 3eB4nDPLq
glory box (champion) - tvknrDCS5
victory points - RAJu5LdE4
off ad - JeO4RFNFX
weekly box - y8PP1ltgm
artifact - GMRHTZ3QN
skill stone - 1IIi72yXB
level up - Uu4u7Fzrd

Summoners War Lost Centuria use cheats
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Game story

To win the battle, you must effectively link the skills of the monsters. Roid can weaken the defense of the enemy monster. Try using Roid's skill. You just earned victory points from the battle. Get rewards based on the highest victory points you achieved in the regular battle. You can power-up hero in the monster management menu. Equip a skill stone to power-up a skill or add a new ability. There are still many enemies around. Let's go sweep the rest of the enemies.

Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack Basics

Monsters have different attribute relations based on their attributes. Attribute advantage - increase crushing hit and critical hit rates. Once you collect enough glory medals, you can open the glory box containing various monsters and summoner spells: Double attack - attacks the forefront enemy consecutively to inflict great damage. Amputation magic - attacks all enemies with powerful card magic. This attack ignores the target's defense. Hellfire - attacks the forefront enemy with powerful fire to Stun the target. Ice shield - attacks the frontline enemies to Freeze them and grants immunity and DEF UP II on yourself. The damage increases according to your defense.

Hint & Tips

1. You cna get greater rewards from the glory box as you reach a higher rank by earning victory points.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary card, crystal, relic summon, mana stone, skin, glory box (champion), victory points, artifact, skill stone
3. You can place the newly acquired monster in the empty slot. Defense or HP type monsters are suitable to be placed in the forefront. You can lead the battle to your advantage by changing the position of roid and the monster you just placed.
4. Summoner spell can only be used once during a battle, but it's powerful enough to reverse the battle result.

Summoners War Lost Centuria Hack tools Version:


Summoners War Lost Centuria Redeem gift code

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