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Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron Game story

Hello! My name is Goku, i live in Paozu, i have a lot of things to do every day. Now, do you want to catch a fish with me? The big, big kind! Welcome to Dragon Ball. Dragon Balls - Very magical treasure, collect all seven, you can summon the Shenron! So let's go find the Dragon Balls together! First summon me to your team! Summon 99 to unlock wish hero Summon—é Get 30 heroes by summon elite times. Click heroes to see all the heroes. Click unit image to find the specified heroes.

Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron Hack Basics trucos

Goku profession is Support, healing teammates, level me up to better protect everyone! Leveling up requires the consumption of gold and essence, which can be obtained in many places in the game. The items needed for hero level up can be obtained by AFK the level or buy in the store.

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Master Roshi - You should note that his vocation is tank, he can protect others very well At the same time, Kamehameha can attack a whole row of enemies, very powerful Click level up! As a tank he can provide protection for teammates. The tank should stand in front dragging Master Roshi and Goku to change positions.

Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. On the adventure path to find the Dragonball, you will get a variety of rewards. Including heroes, props, gears and more! When the level reaches specific requirements, it is necessary to level up. Level up requires gold, essence and level up stone. After level up, the hero's attributes will be enhanced and new skills will be unlocked, especially for elite heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Super Fighters The Legend of Shenron cheat code - give: summon x10, gear, crystal, gold coins, increase attributes, legendary hero, gems, artifact, booster pack, battle pass
3. Elite heroes will have one more skill than other heroes! Remember to let new heroes join the battle! Different hero Features have exclusive restraints and bonuses. The feature have a restraint relationship, Getting the knack, Half the work, twice the effort. Body restrains skill, skill restrains Haste, haste restrains body, instinct and insight restrains each other.
4. The more heroes of the same feature, the higher the bonus. You should pay more attention! The more chapters, the more rewards. Gear is an important way to enhance the strength of the hero. You can get it through battle and AFK. When you get powerful gears, remember to replace in time.

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