Cheats hack Supernatural City code:episode, people, oddities, city, memories, unlimited moves, gold coins, stars, pets, skins Supernatural City Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Supernatural City hack cheat code List

episode - use Yx3P6HhXG
people - muZRQfQJn
secret combination - ajgg9PNrK
oddities - vgjw3uUTO
double rewards - fotNEbHwB
off ads - 4RUfhDT11
city - mj2AC3mbk
memories - 2NRgqKqyF
unlimited moves - XQJbeWNh0
admin panel - ZbvQhriZK
stars - 4f9W7h2BK
gold coins - use AjYV8CdtF
skins - 5x7Za5rUB
pets - VqEZRM2oT
hints - yxZW3dgS0

Supernatural City use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

My father is missing. He's been acting sorta strange for awhile now. But this time feels different. I can't explain it, but somehow i know he need my help. That's why i'm on my way back to the big city. Back to where i grew up. Little did i know that when i got there...I'd go on to discover more than i ever could have imagined. Secrets about my father. Secrets about myself. Hello there! My name is Cheat-on. Ellie doesn't know we're here, but that doesn't mean we can't help her find her missing father. Let's not leave Ellie in the dark. Tap the action button to see how she can shed some light on this mystery...Ellie needs stars to perform actions. Tap the button to help her reveal the room.

Supernatural City Hack Basics trucos

Match three pieces to collect them. You have a limited number of moves available in each level. Collect the required pieces to complete the level. You came to new gateway in search of missing father, but instead found a house filled with secrets and mysteries. As Ellie investigates, you earn entries for your journal. Unlock all of a chapter's entires to earn a reward. Match four in a line to create a rocket. Double tap the rocket to collect pieces in its path. You can also swap a rocket to launch it. Try creating more rockets to collect the required pieces.

enter cheat (Supernatural City gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 2nWcaXLZd
level up - rmWv0nTNq
daily pack - enter pass 8VHJ0x3cj
admin account - ifhmthdyN
Month Card x1 - zerJiKbpi
booster pack - FulzuYXdv
evolve - n7dE6lQu9
enhance - 5rZr4hZwK
A square match creates a paper plane. Double tap the plane to launch it. The plane collects a piece elsewhere on the board. Launching a plane also clears the surrounding tiles. Combine two planes to launch three! You need two matches for tougher fences. Clear all fences to complete the level.

Supernatural City Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Make a t-shaped match creates a bomb. Double tap the bomb to clear the fences. A corner shaped match works as well. Swap the bomb to reach further. Try creating more bombs to clear the fences.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: episode, people, oddities, city, memories, unlimited moves, gold coins, stars, pets, skins, hints, secret combination
3. Match five in a row to create a color bomb. Swap the color bomb with a piece to clear all pieces of the same color.

Supernatural City Hack tools Version:


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