Cheats hack Survival at Gunpoint code:action points, diamonds, antiserum, skills, enhance, evolve, legendary hero, frame Survival at Gunpoint Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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action points - use hack MXxgpxaVZ
diamonds - IRJsVU1jm
antiserum - 2JyUkh8M2
skills - uZFjxKfsF
enhance - 5Z0pxZc3D
evolve - UDM6RsdfR
legendary hero - 41T0gGuHp
frame - SCWTJcq8k
shield - Y20aCdSO6
speed up - QmdHpoLcH
aliance box - NJj2ZiHa1
food - PdW3a8mvn
wood - fBDdiXjni
steel - HN7xvH3Mj
gas - Rr8c61JpN
VIP 15 - 70E8NhR9x
advanced recruit - 9IXvE7ssD
all resource - FjMngJP9n

Survival at Gunpoint use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Zombies in sight! Engage and gun them down! A zombie infested city is not where you wander about. Yumi has suffered a fractured arm. Please collect medical supplies to heal her. I am leaving to help more survivors. See the zombies outside the wire fence? Don't get too comfortable. I'm sure we will be fine if we build an impregnable sanctuary together. That requires more manpower. I am going to broadcast on the radio. Hopefully, more survivors can hear it and join us. Bad news. THe radio is malfunctioning right now. We will need some components to fix the radio. and where do we get those components? I included it in sanctuary plan. Only when we get the radio working can we contact more survivors. This calls for another trip to the zombie town. The radio is not functioning properly. You need to fixt it: shock motor, transformator, capacitor.

Survival at Gunpoint Hack Basics trucos

Higher might required! I think we are not strong enough to explore this area. Why don't we use the Antiserum to improve our strength. Please upgrade your heroes first. When a hero reaches the maximum level, the evolution function will be available. Alright, i think we are now ready for the next exploration. If you want to upgrade your units before a battle, just tap the green arrow below.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - GOpGyxXnl
level up - stfzKBzNW
daily pack - enter pass OzMuNRBNs
admin account - TowJzC47c
Month Card x1 - r5R56dtoN
booster pack - FHKShp300
Commander, you are now ready to broadcast. A survivor came to our sanctuary after hearing your broadcast. She's now on Noah's tavern. Our wall has been greatly damaged by the zombies outside. We gotta do something quick. Let's collect construction materials to repair the wall: metal sheet, wire fence, cement.

Survival at Gunpoint Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Yumi's arrows can pierce through shields. Sub type hero - you can deploy it to increase the stats of the main hero.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: action points, diamonds, antiserum, upgrade, level up, skills, enhance, evolve, legendary hero, frame, shield, speed up, aliance box, food, wood, steel, gas, VIP 15, advanced recruit, all resource
3. Join an alliance to get diamonds! Reduce waiting time with alliance speed up help. Make good use of alliance features for rewards.

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Survival at Gunpoint Redeem code - premium gift box

1. x7eoVeYNQeKrdwi
2. GtdN1iYeeaoApsT
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