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marecoins - use LY9dW8izv
free alliance store - RGZGotAof
secret combination - lrwqVRbT4
weapon - GhT6zle7P
double rewards - DPxYRivSg
resources - NF7Zsu834
unlock territory - gE7UQNdAq
survival stage - qqnIqXepo
beginner pack - p9QXV7ert
admin panel - 8pvfThPRH
legendary characters - RYPiTaGBv
skills points - use MRIsUrQlj
speed up - U64MqLQfi
fragments - 4W6zJAUP5
gold - use ZsX99F41o

Survival Day Zero use cheats
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Game story

In 2035, a deadly virus spiraled out of control. And with it, came fire...We had destroyed all that we had built. There would be no turning back for anyone. We hid to survive, slowly dying off one by one. With nothing left we've turned on one another, sealing our face in this miserable place. We can't stay here. We have to face the nightmare above. Hold on, other ae waiting for us to go back, and we will be safe at the base. Please hold the device with both hands when moving around. Move and control your character with your left hand. Tap to attack mutants with your right hand. This base is full of unknows, and everyone should still be careful. Complete all chapter tasks to win combat dagger.

Survival Day Zero Hack Basics trucos

Do you hear those weird sounds coming for the depths of the base? For this base, we still havent figured out many things. We must first repair the city gate to withstand the next attack. There is one more important thing we must build - a hospital. Wounded soldiers are treated in here. Upgrade it for more space. I'm going to investigate the abandoned area over these to find out what threats still exist to us. Rebuild the warehouse - this wasteland is full of all manner of horror and atrocity. A real warrior will face these challenges, and build a new home from the ashes of what was.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - Zk7NdFW2h
level up - khQVrQtSl
daily pack - enter pass SfsDVdz3a
admin account - rW3u881AG
Month Card x1 - QJ6ZdzjV8
booster pack - UldPygfss
evolve - 0kKpWrYKC
enhance - DsujWQ1q4
The abandoned area has been cleaned up, and there are still some areas like this in this base, all shrouded in mist, and there should be more secrets. Adventure os valuable, i found an old warehouse, which should be used for something. In this case, let us clean up the obstructive abandoned buildings first. By removing these unusable wastes, we have free space to construct various buildings. While demolishing, we can also recycle some grain, wood and other resources, which will do two things with one stone. However, we have to fo a lot more to survive in this end of the world.

Survival Day Zero Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Hero: berserk - characteristics CQC grunts, which possess higher offensive power, will deal extra damage to bikers.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: marecoins, free alliance store, weapon, resources, unlock territory, legendary characters, skills points, speed up, fragments
3. Repair the damaged buildings, you can restore their normal functions. There must be more buildings in the abandoned area of the base waiting for us to repair.

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