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Game story

Captain, we found some supplies by the dock! We can now follow our prior plans to rebuild our ship. The control room controls the power that goes through each room. First, we will need to build a power room to generate continuous power. The power room produces power, which is the basic resource our ship needs. As we build the ship, her members' lives will be better protected, and in return, we will receive some bonus. Complete quests to obtain all kinds of rewards, so make sure you check the quest page often and pick up more resources. Power room complete! Now, send workers to the place to increase your power production efficiency. We have build a small power room. Let's merge it into something better. Rooms with same level and type can be merged into a better one, and gain an increase in production efficiency.

Survival The Last Ship Hack Basics

To explore, we will need some fuel for our vehicles. The recycle room can produce fuel, which is an essential resource for explorations. This place doesn't look very safe. Let's train our people to increase their combat power. Send people to the gym to start their training and increase their levels. After an increase in level, a character will gain extra combat power. Training our people requires a large amount of food, which we currently don't have. Let's increase our food production. Before we build a kitchen, we will need an elevator to expand our working space. An elevator connects the upper and lower levels, expanding our vertical working space. A kitchen can produce food. Food is required for training our people. The higher the training level, the more food will be required.

Hint & Tips

1. Upgrade communication equipment to increase your signals and unlock new maps.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: fuel, power, resources, speed up, cash, legendary heroes, level up, upgrade, gold, gems, treasure chest, enhance, promote
3. We need to build a dorm to increase our member capacity. James is a melee unit with powerful crowd control ability. Both James and Brown has a unique set of skills. Upgrade our preparation room to send them both out on battle to increase our combat power.
4. You can use gold to speed up our workers. If you don't like the position of a room. You can use the remodel feature to reposition a room. During a remodel, you can merge the room with other rooms of the same type.

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