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Survivalism Game story

Particle experiment center under "APEX" near Pangyo in 2050. At last, mankind secceeds in mass production of antimatter. With antimatter no longer relying on fossil fuels or nuclear fuels, mankind is making rapid technological progress. APEX, which leads the production of antimatter, has become more influenial than any other country on Earth. An unknown explosion of antimatter occured in the Asian continent in 2060. An explosion caused by antimatter killed a third of the Asian continent. There are "dimension gaps" all over the planet, which are called onknown abyss due to resonance phenomena caused by the explosion. The world's migrants and monsters began to ride Abyss and mayhem began. Shortly after the chaos began, governments became unable to maintain security and became anarchy for most of the world. In anarchy, APEX dominates the world. Those who distrust APEX left safe areas and began to form their own communities. APEX defines them as "volters" and begins to crack down on them.

Survivalism Hack Basics trucos

Operator Maneuver. Initialization complete. Situation update complete. Recivering communication module...Communication Module Recovery failed... No communication with Unit 404. Are you awake? Commander, it's been two weeks since the kidnapping. I can't reach Unit 404 yet. We recommend searching the surroundings, rearranging supplies, and rebuilding the vault. Press anywhere to attendance. This is a screen where you can manage combatants! You can raise the combatant's exp from the Exp menu! I'll give you the food that you need to improve your Exp! Give the hamburger to the combatants and level it up!

enter Survivalism gift pass:
upgrade trucos - F14cCuC7q
level up code - JWaM7xsmg
daily pack cheat - enter pass Hi5w27eOA
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Raise your hero experience by more than 100 Proceed with the craft 3 times Consume the 40 stamina Send me one recon essence. Press Acept ALL Button to get all rewards. Supply - It's a screen where the people who need to supply request the supply! You can supply the items that the crew needs and get compensation! I'll give you some supplies! Complete the supply to combatants!

Survivalism Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Passive skills give you a permanent buff as long as you have that skill assigned, and cannot be used actively. Some as with active skills, some skills are locked and require a specific character level to unlock. Go ahead and assign a new passive skill into the slot we just unlocked. Most passive skills will appear as a buff icon under your character in battle.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Survivalism cheat code - give: coins, legendary heroes, free shop, advance gacha, off ads, premium weapon, equipment, diamonds, supplies coupon, unlimited stamina, custome, hamburger, ascend stone, Jam package, one bullet is enough, consume, costume
3. You can try different passive skills depending on the situations you're facing to see what works best. If you need more skill slots you can unlock them using opals. When your character reaches level 1000 i'll tell you more about passive skill training.
4. You can suffer negative effects, debuffs, for example you start bleeding when you are critically hit by physical damage. Debuffs are displayed under your character frame shown above. Using skills, potions or other items can grant you positive effects, buffs. Buffs are displayed under your character frame shown above.

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