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research points - use 52lmR4dvp
chests - jadc88kTA
secret combination - lxFrjfu7c
unlimited energy - KfA1CDWMu
double rewards - 3UkT2uYee
shield - kUvTWYkea
off ad - iz7IDp6LR
premium unit - RxUi1vrsp
materials - XqnzEsNhE
admin panel - QSy3nSj8T
points - qeEAC1xSR
gems - use 593MaAe4l
daily special offer - dOkRzZ1ux
gold - 57FLkez2g
speed up - LOXWaeguV
instant open - use yd2pUlWSe

SURVPUNK use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Greetings! Only you can save this crazy apocalyptic world.Your mission is clean the roads from enemy's barricades. Your tank shoots at nearby enemies automatically. Summoning a unit consumes energy. Energy is restored over time. Congratulations, it's time to collect your reward and upgrade your battle team. Treasure - this room contains all the chests found on the battlefield. Unique chests are stored here, they fill up from your actions. Great, now it's time to set up your battle team. Each unit has skills. The number of skills depends on the rarity.

SURVPUNK Hack Basics trucos

Skills: Double shoot - make doble shoot every 10 seconds. Blast, rage for blast accumulates faster if enemies or your units die on the field, if the tank takes damage, as well as when you pick up bonuses from enemies.
Units: Meat (raiders) - a simple soulless raider. It seems that his skin is also rusty. Chains - this punk knows how to tie units for a while. Whalerat - flocks of rats devoured the remnants of mutants and turned into poisonous giants.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - sQArTb0KK
level up - qSew3FAFH
daily pack - enter pass h3UWEM7xX
admin account - edjIGCJYU
Month Card x1 - 85Qy0fMzs
booster pack - Acl9ngNkq
evolve - UoYIxO81P
enhance - iB1ikqvsl
The energy growth button - activating it will increase the production rate and the maximum amount of energy, as well as add one unit slot. Pick up the container and you will have a little more energy. Pick up the ammo box for a faster blast charge.
Research center - here you can spend upgrade points and buy perks. Collect upgrade points and buy new skills and abilities: increase income gold from battles; increase HP for all tanks; increase tanks cannon damage; increase universal damage; increase brutal damage.

SURVPUNK Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Win battles and get upgrade points. Upgrade your units and tanks with upgrade points.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: research points, chests, unlimited energy, shield, premium unit, materials, gems, off ad, gold, speed up, instant open, skills
3. Hangar - battle vehicles are stored here. Let's pump your tank a little.

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