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Sword Of Elpisia Game story

A letter from the Guild...Maybe it's about a request. Two repairs to magitools, in Tarassa Village. That's an independent area, with no lord. First I should get prepared in the basement. HP and MP Recovery In the field and in dungeons, there are sometimes battles. HP recovers, and state abnormalities are cleare after battles, but MP only recovers if you use an item or stay in accommodation. Also, if the difficulty is Easy or Normal, MP recovers with a level up. Accommodation varies depending on the location. In the Mountain Hut, investigate the bed to take a break. A new chapter has been unlocked.

Sword Of Elpisia Hack Basics trucos

You can check your current location and your destination from the Simple Menu = World Map. The Search Points you can check from here are locations you can clear using the search items you gain while travelling around. You gain search items as you progress through the story. When you gain necessary search items, the icon in the Search Point column will grow, indicating that a search has become possible. You can change equipment from Menu = Select Character = Change Equipment. Weapons have two physical skills attached. Look for a weapon with a skill you like attached. Characters learn magic as their levels increase.

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I want you to repair our monster repeller and water porter. The monster repeller is probably out of energy or something. Recently, some monsters are coming close to the entrance to the village. Please do something about that. The flow of water from the water porter is almost nothing. One of the villagers said that a part seems to be broken. I heard that the replacement will be here today. About how much will the repairs cost? The monster repeller will cost 4500 Gold, and the water porter 9000 Gold. Depending on the state of things it might change a bit, but don't expect it'll change by much.

Dogs are a type of partner animal, with high intelligence. This dog should understand what I'm saying. If you want more, you'll need to earn it. I'm just about to head out to a job. If I need to fight there, you can support me. That's the condition for me feeding you. If you agree, Let me put this charm on your leg. It's a magitool. As long as you're wearing it. In battles, the dog will fight as it wants to. You cannot give instructions to it.

Sword Of Elpisia Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Uppercut - Physical attack on Enemies 2x1 SQ. Slows action order by 0.25 turns. (The effect is weaker with strong enemies.) Sword Dance - [Physical/Void] 5-time physical attack on a single enemy. If the target is defeated, a following action is possible (50% probability).
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Sword Of Elpisia cheat code - give: action points, weapons, equipment, ability, increase stats, treasure chest, restore HP, attack speed 200%, starter pack, skins, pets, promotion, craft material
3. A type of medical herb - You can eat it, no problem. Selling that amount won't make much money.
4. If you use a teleportal from Simple Menu = World Map, you can move to a location you have already visited.
5. The monster repeller is at the entrance to the village. The water porter is near the general store. You can get the part we ordered from the general store.
6. When the face icon reaches the left side of the active bar at the top of the screen, that character can act.
7. When choosing a target, apart from "single" and "all", you can select the attack area each time. However, when there is only one enemy remaining, the target is fixed.

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