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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I'm a hardworking worker ant! Fire ants! Those scums committed robbery in broad day light again! I'm gonna teach them a good lesson! Tap the stage to view more details. Tap start to beat the fire ants. Aim settings: press and hold any position of the screen to pull back. Aim at the target and let go to confirm the target. Click attack OK, hit the enemy! parabolic attack the teaching: the mage can use a projectile to attack ranged targets over enemy tanks or obstacles. Reasonable means that the mage's ability gives priority to attacking subsequent output units. Attack the teaching: drag backward by holding down the target or anywhere on the screen. Aim your bow and arrow at the target. Straight line fire can penetrate your own units. Seems that the fire ants have come prepared. The big blue guy ahead is not easy to deal with! Prioritize the weaker enemies in the back row if we want to win. Take proper use of our DMG skills. We can do it!

Tales of Bugs Hack Basics trucos

Our world will get worse if we don't sort the waste. Let's protect the environment together. Every stage comes with different challenges. Complete the challenges to win extra rewards. Pay attention to the order in which bugs move to better plan your strategy. Look what those damn fire ants did to our nest. They had even taken away our pupae! We have to take them back.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - pLwoDxpq3
level up - JRlKj6Nhu
daily pack - enter pass ZH0aBDYEB
admin account - fmlZXD82z
Month Card x1 - YXCHo6fRi
booster pack - 87Aa649n6
evolve - IuDpSY55Q
enhance - ls7W3Wx40
Commander, please help us repair the nest! More friends can be summoned in base camp. Our top priority now is to collect resources and repair our nest. we need a p;ace to rest. Time to explore outside! Tap the stage to view more details. Debuff small knowledge - be careful of the front of the quagmire, standing in the quagmire or after sprint speed will be greatly reduced. The trap set by the chief enemy, be careful to avoid it.

Tales of Bugs Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Slinger - whose damage depends on the number of the enemies. Good match for bugs with burst!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: brew, legendary gear, skills, metamorf, resources, coins, materials, grains, Helena pack, evolve chest, dew
3. Leaves can be obtained by watering the plant, only if you find the plant.
4. When enemies are out of reach, select rest to recover HP.
5. Life is only getting hard, isn't it? A little ant said so with a trash bag on the back.

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