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Game story
Pray to our Bson! He brings with him a bright twig, walks through the yards of God and brings the lost ones vivid expectation by spreading God's waves. God of reception! We sing for you! Our bodies are flesh as well as iron, and you will guide us into fusion. All the people sing for the praised God of fusion and communication, Bson! You are the king of the birds, you lead our lost souls, we will follow your hands and embrace the terrain of Gods. By that time, human and robots will fused into one being, in the arms of God.
Tales of the Neon Sea Hack Basics
Continuously click the switch button, to make the hero. Press the direction button, to make the hero escape from. When bubbles appear, press switch button, to interact. Continuously click the switch button, to close the gate. In the game, tap 'pause’ to check current tasks, items, achievements.
Hint & Tips
1. The morning light street used to be the prime location near the Dona river, but after the Skycity appeared, it has long lost its superiority.
2. Note on radioactive fungus - these spore plants have mutated after being exposed to poisonous radioactive industrial waste. The DNA of these plants has been severely altered by the radioactive material. As a result, they glow slightly in the dark and the spores contain trace elements of radiation too.
3. Cyborg rats - this is a synthetic creature with machine and organic parts, likely the product of an early cyborg technology experiment. The rat's great adaptability to environments has been reinforced through innovation. It remains a mystery as to how a half machine and half organic being can reproduce.
Mechanical parts
Electronic artificial eyes - the eyes have multiple view amplifying functions and can switch between different detecting modes.
Mechanical arms - was installed after the 'the apocalypse garden incident' and it's internal bones were made of titanium alloy, which can greatly improve the strength of the arms.
Lower limbs - have bionic muscle tissues beside the titanium alloy bones.
Brain - in the apocalypse garden incident, to save the dying Rex, the part of his own electronic brain with Rex's damaged brain, and altered them massively. Bionic internal organs - because of the impact of the explosion, the right lung, liver and other internal organs were seriously damaged. Through the work of Rex's family, the organs were replaced with the most advanced bionic artificial organs.

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