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Tank Legion hack cheat code List

commander XP - use hack xgNzJEtbJ
daily pack - enter pass F8qRaKHMM
gold - icjj148O6
material - LHmHghTJQ
booster pack - cGYBi0clL
points - K1EIBcb59
Month Card x1 - izQ1aeXFY
supply box - h3xyV2aTx
daily gift bag x10 - 2soYa9YtS
diamonds - lJFnUgeHP
lucky draw - W3ilnhRAQ
module - L6vUqnUgL
upgrade - GOcSYmdMd
level up - LfvjL8eYO
blueprint - eDKo1n4Tf
premium tank - BTcU9Pha6
vip components - 4xkmWQhcP
iron medal - GvUtbwSLs
supreme chest - 6Dgah7U9a
keys - JAcgmXBAu
luck point - YW7rHavof
360 day premium - kERuatWb6

Tank Legion use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Commaner, welcome to the training camp. Use joystick to drive tank to the checkpoint. Push the joystick upper rightward to move the tank to the next checkpoint. Enemy spotted! Move your sight to aim the enemy! Tap weapon button to fire. The heaviest armour on a tank is placed on its front, while the flank and rear sides are comparatively weaker. Open the gunsight to aim the enemy more accurately, and attack on the rear side. Based on your excellent performance, the HQ has assigned a mission to you. Please accept the reward from HQ, a new tank:38nA. It's a light tank, with fast movement speed and high rate of fire. Let's test its performance now.

Tank Legion Hack Basics

If you find it hard to control the tank, you can try to switch manual to auto control in the settings. Complete missions to gain XP to upgrade commander level. Armory - we can upgrade tank components here to strengthen its power. When level up, more tanks, functions will be unlocked, and the daily battle gold rewards limit will be increased. Moreover, you can receive rich reward from supply box. Regular match - battle with automatically selected mode. Suitable for new played. Ranked match - complete for ranking during the season. Suitable for veteran player. Event mode - limited time event mode for fun gameplay. Empire war - join legions and battle against other legions for territories in empire war.

Hint & Tips

1.It causes no damage when shells bounces off.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: commander XP, gold, material, points, supply box, diamonds, lucky draw, module, blueprint, premium tank, vip components,iron medal, supreme chest, keys, luck point, 360 day premium
3. Smoke bomb can be used to cover yourself and help teammates get out of danger.
4. The higher tire of your tank, the higher level of its components can be upgraded.
5. Complete daily quests and grow up task to gain XP to improve commander level. After level up, you can receive rewards and unlock new functions.

Tank Legion Hack tools Version:


Tank Legion Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 5sVSVPhfLYB3quL
2. U2JuXamdVPA5afb
3. wwUXhInUiD5BIi0
4. fWEBSEm8LEymtm0
5. R9RQwCStAybpMvH
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