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gems - use qgCXZGtyQ
gold - rrqkfmjtP
secret combination - 1KSww9YqN
restore HP - SmJ3Djbs1
double rewards - QF6xPxxa6
shield - n5ZBBfQG0
treasure chest - dKWmHnnAi
ability - U2RKGmSEy
unlock characters - pulc3jbIN
admin panel - 7iUPTkOpy
pet - 1i1yq2WjX
equipment - use HDsQab9tH
weapon - lRM5tIYvP
craft materials - 2P4YgCUjq
recipe - 1tYRP3jfB
speed up - use OncLv2a5w
artifact - IpnWIEUMy

Tap Knight Dragon's Attack use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Basic control: tap left or right to move. Run into monsters to attack them, but they will attack you too. Monsters will drop items, such as gold, gem, and so on.Tap skill icon to use skill. It requires MP though. Shops not only se;; various goods, but they also replenish your HP. Defeat the Boss monster in the end to clear the stage! You can view your stats in inventory menu. Open treasure chest to acquire legendary item. As you make progress, different legendary items will appear. Legendary items have special properties that will improve your performance. Tap them in inventory menu to check their properties. Regularly check quests menu and get your rewards. You can use reward gems to upgrade spirits and buy goods from dragon shop.

Tap Knight Dragon's Attack Hack Basics trucos

Each spirit has a special ability to aid you. Summon them and upgrade them. Defeat stage 8 boss to unlock new difficulties. After unlocking new difficulties, you can change difficulty at any time. Auto combat is unlocked after clearing vast field. You can adjust its property in pause menu. In pause menu, you can disable trader's tip. Use cloud save function to immigrate save data to new device.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - OXGqiRJTs
level up - rNDe2xCDs
daily pack - enter pass HGP1hwTaF
admin account - EOVc3lrSa
Month Card x1 - gSY37b0Zu
booster pack - iJfZnPYJ0
evolve - qY2DAW872
enhance - 7zDW6wC5a
To enter abyss dungeon, you must have devil's invitation. You can get it from treasure chests. If you reach 300m within the time limit, you can upgrade one of your legendary item (randomly selected) with gems. Proceed further into abyss dungeon for treasure chests with higher tier. As long as you have enough devil's invitation, you can challenge abyss dungeon at will. It is, however, highly recommended to strengthen yourself before you do.

Tap Knight Dragon's Attack Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Remember that visiting a shop will replenish your HP. Stand still to slowly recover HP. Kill monsters, collect gold, spend it here. If you don't think you can make it any further, visit shop to recover.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, gold, restore HP, shield, treasure chest, ability, unlock characters, pet, equipment, weapon, craft materials, recipe, artifact
3. Be careful, if you lose all HP, you'll lose some gold. Defeat a boss to get a treasure chest holding a legendary item. You can reduce knock back by increasing defense.

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