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Game story

There were two neighboring countries. They had small conflicts over a long period of time, but generally remained peaceful. In the western country where politics was stable, industry developed. On the contrary, the eastern country, which was unstable in politics, failed to develop and was backward and corrupt. And as the largest criminal organization in the eastern country took power using money and private units, changes in the landscape between the two countries began to occur. The eastern country smuggled drugs into the western country for a long time to maintain the regime and make money. They secretly bought high-ranking officials and officers from the western country with accumulated black money. In time, the eastern country have launched a surprise attack. The western country has been defeated and has fallen into crisis due to the betrayal of commanders and politician of each unit. The western country resisted in all ways to overcome the situation, but all failed. In this crisis of desperation, the sixth special organization, "team-six", is created directly under the supreme commander.

Team SIX Armored Troops Hack Basics

An unexpected war broke out. To overcome this situation, you need to lead team six. Knowing that the country was becoming difficult, many young people volunteered in the military. Use them to win the battle. Mission - you can proceed through the mission here. Let's make the mission successful and push the enemy out. Army base - you can see the base of team six. As the mission progress, new buildings are added, and buildings can be upgraded to improve soldiers' abilities. Recruit - when touched, you can see the status of the volunteers, the class they want to apply, and the pay they require. Shop - sell weapon, equipment and items. As you progress through the mission, upgrading your base adds weapons and equipment to the shop.

Hint & Tips

1.If there are no volunteers, use the recruit button. Using 5 gems adds 15 volunteers. The number of volunteers wishing to join the military. If there are no people, let's actively use AD and gem.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: of ad, gems, volunteers, gold, tactical point, increase stats, premium gear, level up, upgrade, multiplayer mode
3. Troops displays the number of soldiers in the barracks, and hero displays the number of dead soldiers.
4. Many areas have been occupied by enemy forces and we are defending them.
5. Day/night - displays the time zone of the mission. It doesn't matter during the day, but you need night vision at night.
6. Support - this is an indication of available tactical support. Represent reconnaissance, artillery support and air support. Tactical point is consumed.
7. Primary is the mission goal that must be successul. Affects mission clearing. Secondary mission must also be completed to receive 3 stars. Unit required - this is an essential class for the mission. If your class isn't in your barracks, you'll need to recruit new soldiers on the first page.

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