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Tears of Themis Game story

It appears that you were having a nightmare. So, all of that was a dream. How does one discern dreams from reality? That was a dream, but this may not be reality. The key to the chest of memories...Did you see the answer inside? Was it what you wanted? Using a painting to conceal the truth? Perhaps you can fool the eyes, but not the heart. Even if the world were against you...Would you still stand by your choice? You need not answer at this time. Come, look at me...You are very sleepy right now...Words are empty. Deeds over words. Let time reveal the answer.

Entry unlocked. Chemical Materials Depot, Stellis Industrial Zone. In the early morning hours, a ruckus breaks the quiet of the night. A group of off-duty warehouse managers had opened the material depot's gates. They're busy remotely controlling the freight robots, loading barrels of raw meterials onto the truck. The one called Raven is hiding behind a container, gently adjusting the knobs on his night-vision goggles. The imagine on his viewfinder switches to thermal imaging mode, detailed with lines of incomprehensible readings. Raven gives his in-ear communicator three taps, signaling his need for "electromagnetic silence". The other side immediately falls silent.

Tears of Themis Hack Basics trucos

The opening of the gates and the conversation of the workers are all fuzzily transmitted to Raven's headset. He frowns, possibly because he has learned something from what he heard. Or perhaps he's displeased with his headset's poor output quality. His finger darts across the screen of the smart terminal oh nis wrist, bringing up information on the warehouse. Raven taps on his communicator again, sending out his last transmission if the night. Without waiting for response from his communacator, Raven turns around and jumps, vanishing into the night.

Outside the Law Firm: Saturday morning. The office buildings in the central business district are starkly silent in contrast to the bustle of weekends. You turn around in front of the building, but a deliveryman suddenly comes out of nowhere, stopping you dead in your tracks. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts over from the coffee machine. As soon as you finish preparing Artem's cup, you hear a device vibrating. The sound came from a tablet next to the coffee machine. The lit screen shows a news push notification. Special items may appear in the story, so pay attention. Tap an item to view its details. Some clues are hidden out of sight. Swipe the screen to shift your view. You can check the current item's points of interest in the upper left corner. Inspection ends when all information has been collected.

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You're about to put the tablet down when another push notification lights up the screen. Upon seeing the opened package in the recycling bin, you suspect that he has started on the new case. Carefully avoiding the files on his desk, you set down the coffee near him. You need to convince Pedro to leave, but you need more cards before debating with him. Let's consult Lady Themis and obtain Visions from the Shadow of Themis. You can obtain Visions from Lady Themis through a Shadow of Themis. Obtained Visions manifest as cards. You can use Tears of Themis to receive Vissions from Lady Themis. Here are ten Tears of Themis to get you started.

The Visions you just drew manifested as cards. Let's organize them before debating. Different debates require different affinities. Your current opponent isn't difficult, so let's use "Optimize." You've organized the cards you obtained, so let's start debating. If your opponent reduces your HP to 0 first, then you lose the debate. Every debate will have a Turn Limit, indicating the number of turns left in the debate. If you do not convince your opponent before this number reaches 0, then you will lose the debate. Please take note. Each opponent will have one or more arguments.

Tears of Themis Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Your opponent deals damage to your HP at regular intervals. Counter your opponent's arguments to lower their HP. Counter of all your opponent's arguments to reduce their Confidence to 0. Your only method of attack is with your cards. Try using them to attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Tears of Themis cheat code - give: Oracles of Justice, Stellin, SR cards, tear of themis, visions, restore heart points, influence, defense, gold coins, enhance, evolve, private, skill points, action points AP, energy drink, 10 draws, friendship badges, greater pack, special asporation pack
3. Arguments are categorized as General, Intuition, Logic, or Empathy. The last three interact as shown below. Attack with a blue Logic card, which trumps Emoathy cards. The opponents you encounter in the future will be much harder to deal with, so prepare yourself. Let's go and enhance a card.
4. You can enhance, evolve, and upgrade cards here. Let's try to enhance a card first. You'll need Oracles of Justice and Stellin to enhance cards. Select the Oracle of Justice we just obtained. You've successfully enhanced a card! Remember to enhance cards so you're prepared for difficult debates.
5. Sometimes you'll need to inretact with relevant parties to acquire key information. This information is often hinted by keywords waiting to be unraveled.
6. Modern Figures:
Kiki Bennet, 23, graduated from the LAw School of Stellis University with a bachelor's degree in law. She joined Themis LAw Firm in 2029 and has been working as a legal intern. DAVIS: The advancement exam is no joke! Kiki, I know you have it in you to pass it and become a graduate attorney!

Artem Wing, 29, senior attorney, born on April 26th, 182 cm, blood type A. He graduated from the Law School of Stellis University with a doctorate degree in law and passed the state's bar exam with flying colors. Artem was resruited by Celestine to joim Themis Law Firm as a senior partner in 2026. He has been the firm's ace attorney who can handle all types of cases and was regarded as a generalist rarely seen in the field. Artem Wing is currently the youngest senior attorney in Stellis City. Although Artem came from a family of law where both of his parents are renowned figures in the field, no one will attribute his success to his parents due to his own extraordinary capabilities and achievements. According to the statistics from the Big Data Lab, having a court winning rate of 99.0%, Artem has long surpassed his parents in fame and reputation. Artem Wing is undoubtedly a bright rising start in the legal field.
7. Organizations:
Baldr Legal Office, located in the Central Business District of Stellis City, is the most well-known law firm in the city. It was founded by Howard Syter and William Lewis together and currently has over a thousand employees. Since Harry Rosworth joined the company, he has brought the company to new heights. Baldr Legal Office is dedicated to putting clients first in their pursuit of excellence and committed to casting light in every corner of the city.

The Stellis Industrial Zone, located north of Stellis City, adjacent to Stellis River, is a joint venture led by the Stellis City Government and also funded by various organizations and corporations. It is one of the municipal arear of Stellis City. Initially, various small industrial parks were scattered around the city, but once approved by the city government, the businesses moved into this designated zone established by the government from the industrial parks. The growing population also gave rise to many famous restaurants, pubs, and other catering establishments here. After decades of development, the Stellis Industrial Zone did not stop at being just a base of manufacturing operations, but eventually became a key modern industrial hub in Stellis via creating investment opportunities and establishing hi-tech industrial parks. Many international enterprises, including the PAX Group and Crimson Biotech, have their own factories and warehouses here.

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