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Game story

The great wizard says that the Forest queen is very kind, also she has a very strong power. If the Forest queen goes out of control because of tears rain, disaster will begin. We have to defeat it quickly. The ferocious animals are definitely related to the forest queen. On the hero's turn, you get AP 2 points. You can accumulate up to 5 points. On each turn, you get up to 5 cards. Use the card by drag. Taunt cards play a very important role in protecting allies. Taunt - raise the line up to induce an enemy attack. Use again to cancel taunt. Slash - attacks 1 enemy with ATk of 100%. Triple slash - attacks 1 enemy 3 times with ATK of 100%, 125%, 150%. Drag to select a target or drop it on the screen. Attack cards are used by directly targeting the enemy. If you reserve a replacement card, you can get a new card on the next turn.

TEARS RAIN Hack Basics

Acquired an EXP item. If you gain experience, you can hero level up. Acquired start AP points by AP increase item. Then attack first when you start the next battle. Choose the hero to equip the weapon - the unit has become even stronger. The weather has changed, check out various effects according to the weather. Due ti the flame effect, the target attribute has been changed to flame attribute. Using flame attribute in clear weather increases damage to 150%. Information of the effect of weather attributes: flame - disable flame attributes when it rains. Attribute system: 150% effect when using cards with the same attribute. Flame - 120% damage when attacked for 10 seconds. Ice - freeze for 3 seconds and can't action. Electric - AP and cooldown reset. How are attributes assigned? When acquiring a weapon with attributes. When dealing damage with attribute magic (ex, fireball, etc.).

Hint & Tips

1. Donate unecessary items and get diamonds that will be used in various ways.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: increase stats, change weather, card scroll, stamina, coins, premium item, restore HP, diamonds, upgrade, level up, tearstone
3. At night, stronger monsters appear, but the rewards get better.
4. Use the correlation between the flame, ice, and electric attributes. You can transform an enemy to that attribute at any time using attribute magic.

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