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daily pack - enter pass XAJj4uMfl
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booster pack - pf6JdvSJu
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Month Card x1 - 4hv6vM6MO
advance - mGOZ3hCx1
daily gift bag x10 - 7FBqnbWd9
Star Gold - QmPMq2v2O
Stage Clearing Pack - dXOK3GtSZ
S Champion Collection - XqkqfnGTW
experience - woyHTWDJB
premium weapon - z1W6kKdFk
upgrade - IeE0644Bw
level up - yjrVPZAKD
premium chest - zZc8QnSba

Tensura King of Monsters use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Releasing an ultimate skill will consume mana. At the beginning of each round, a certain amount of mana regenerates automatically. The character attack the enemy unit right in front of it automatically in each round. Select an enemy unit to release the ultimate skill at. Making wise use of characters' ultimate skills is the key of victory. SOme mates might trigger synergy skills on a straight line while releasing an ultimate skill, causing our units to focus fire on the enemy target. Mana has met the purple haired Ogre's ultimate skill release condition. Synergy is one of the important means for characters to concentrate their fire power.

Tensura King of Monsters Hack Basics

Soei - defeat the summoner quickly before it creates more clones to absorb DMG. Shadow slash - jumps to the enemy and slashes the target with his sword. Shadow technique - summons 3 clones, each inheriting 30$ of the user's attributes (up to 3 may exist at the same time). Shion - skills: head cracking strike - swings a morning star and jumps up before smashing the ground. Meteor hammer - dashes to the enemy and pounds the target with a morning star. Shuna - resists the first DMG and effect received in each round. Break the armor before giving all your fire power. Benimaru - has a very powerful post kill effect. Avoid deploying characters with relatively low HP. If the target suffers compromised HP, Benimaru's ultimate skill attack can repeatedly reap.

Hint & Tips

1. The pink haired Ogre's ultimate skill can increase her mates' critical chance by 100%. Use it wisely with the purple haired Ogre's attack to significantly increase her power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: summon x10, exclusive character, advance, Star Gold, Stage Clearing Pack, S Champion Collection
3. In the game heroes are divided into output, defensive, and assistant types. Arrange them in a 3x3 grid to bring their attributes and properties into play and display your strategic battle array!

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