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Game story

Continent of Arborea. Created by primordial gods Arun and Shara. It is filled with thriving kingdoms of many races. Until the fire rains upon the continent with the invasion of primeval evil 'Argon'. To defend against the mighty foe, seven kingdoms of Arborea united under the banner of Valkyon Federation, and launched a desperate counter attack as a last resort.

TERA Endless War Hack Basics

The dominion was greatly damaged by the war with Argon. All the buildings were destroyed. Restore the buildings first. The headquarters is the core building of the dominion, and determines the max level of buildings and land limits. Upgrading the headquarters increases the number of armies able to march. The dominions isn't being properly supplied with core energy. Go and investigate the cause. The core of the rift is absorbing and impeding out flow of energy. We have to defeat the enemies inside the rift.

Hint & Tips

1. You may obtain heroes and various items through summoning at the pub. Premium summon will provide higher grade items.
2. Use cheat code, and give: instant complete, 999 troops, resources, auto march (offline mode), commander soulstone, increase might, talent points, premium summoning cube, research, construction, training speed up, boost resource production, stamina, world migration ticket, crystals, diamonds, treasure of valor, treasure of justice, treasure of honor, gold, guild coins donation, AP action points, legendary material chest, VIP 15.
3. Complete various research and obtain effects helpful to your commander. Economy - increase resource production and gathering efficiency. Defense - increase ability to protect allies from enemies. Army - strengthen your troops. Hunt - increase hunting efficiency. Leadership - enhance leadership ability.
4. The vast land in front of you is our home, the Arborea continent. Rid the monsters from our home and secure resources for our future. Unite with other commanders to defeat the Argon Queen, who has taken over the world Tower.


You can gain MP to use a rage skill. Tap your hero slot to use it. You can adjust the skill target by dragging. Sequential fire - deals physical damage to ranged enemies. Fury strike - deals physical damage to enemies nearby. If the attack finished an enemy, reuse the skill immediately. Courageous charge - while moving forward, deals physical damage per tick to the enemy nearby.


Construct the training center to defeat the archdevan. Touch the construction button in order to build the barrack. Shieldbearers are a class effective agains archers, start training. When training is completed, the shieldbearer will be in your dominion. Use the speed up option to complete the training quickly. Construct the hospital so our wounded can be healed. The academy provides beneficial effects that will help both military and domestic affairs. Construction speed can be increased through research. Move to the economy category and research architectural engineering. The market is where gold is produced. The higher the level of the building, the more gold it produces per hour. To create a more powerful dominion you must obtain resources. Manage your resource buildings so that it doesn't run out.

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