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premium summon x10 - use Ew5It578G
off ads - lflY0m7Bx
secret combination - Uh1oSWH23
magic stones - aa4gRR3sR
double rewards - De2nk2S4U
enhance - iaBVgq6qc
evolve - uS1izBdl0
hi-enhancement/evolve materials - azjg8QW25
starter package - sJJr9YyRS
admin panel - gXPq1YK2N
SSR hero - BhFxvs5Pa
magishard - use xu5Y9FBzA
soul gem - qzdbgOIZh
elixir - use rgcjNkUjh
gold - JDdoOQHEa

THE 8TH SON? A.R. use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Eliminate all enemies for win. This game uses a board game style battle system. Control your units to defeat your enemies. First, let's give you an idea of how controls work in battle. Switch to manual controls and begin the battle. Ally and enemy units move in battle in order from the highest action value. First, try moving unit. Each unit has a set movement range, so factor that into your tactics. Next, try attacking. Tap a weapon to select it, then press the OK button to attack. Each weapon has a set attack range. Also, attacking with a weapon matching your unit's job deals more damage. This is important for any battle strategy. Your attack damaged the enemy keep inflicting damage to defeat them.

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Select a weapon from the five cards in your hand. When a weapons is used, it will be replaced with an unused card from the 20 in your weapon deck. That's it for the battle controls. Wipe out the remaining enemies any way you like. Attacks damage all enemies within the attack range! There's no friendly fire, so go nuts! I shall teach you how to use your power. First, there is the summon mechanic. Calling more allies to your side is sure to give you a boost. Tap summon in the menu below. SSR is the highest rarity you can get from gachas. Evolve an SSR to obtain an LR. You need magic stones to perform a summon.

enter cheat (THE 8TH SON? A.R. gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 2ONoB13GU
level up - 5rVkAbHrc
daily pack - enter pass S7402Vl9l
admin account - 7JTXC4e44
Month Card x1 - 8c4UH8Ijf
booster pack - kOuJegyFS
evolve - Oh6tyYF7p
enhance - di0KNTIrA
Next, won't you try enhancing your new comrades in research lab? You can get there by tapping upgrade in the menu. Select items to use for enhancement. Items will be consumed during enhancement, so keep this is in mind when you enhance. All right, your unit certainly grew in strength! It seems you've grasped the process quite well. Next, try the edit party feature. This allows you to create a strong team all of your own. To edit your party, tap party in the menu. Try putting the unit you just enhanced into a party.

THE 8TH SON? A.R. Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Finally, sort out the weapons you bring into battle. For each battle you need 20 weapons, which you keep together in a deck. First you'll need to make one. You can choose the method for creating your deck. You can use auto config to narrow down affinities and skills for building your deck. On the top row are the weapons in the deck you're editing. Below are all the weapons you can add to the deck.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: premium summon x10, magic stones, enhance, evolve, enhancement/evolve materials, SSR hero, magishard, soul gem, elixir, gold
3. Each job has its own weapon specialties. Attack with those weapons for huge damage. Jobs and weapon affinities are key. Compose your party and weapon decks with affinity in mind.
4. Fighters deal great damage with swords, lancers with spears, and sentinels with hammers. Monk deal great damage with braces, wizards with staves, and cleric with talismans. Berserkers with axes. Compose your party and decks with unit and weapon affinity in mind.
5. When in battle, five weapons are selected from the deck of 20. Once used, weapons are replenished from the deck. Discard unneeded weapons when you can't land any attacks in battle! Fight more efficiently by only keeping the ones you ened. Damage varies based on the elements of your weapon and the unit you're attacking.

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