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The Ants Underground Kingdom Game story

In a shiny morning. A young Queen Ant is looking for a place for her colony. She has been working on it for hours, determined and diligent. Finally, here comes the colony, and this is the start of a kingdom. The first colony af Worker Ants have been hatched. A larger space is needed for survival. It's a great place for a Builder Ant Habitat. With a builder available, Worker Ant Nest can be built to hatch more Ants. To help the larvae grow faster, a special resource, Fungus, is needed. Life is not a spectacle or feast. It is a predicament.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Hack Basics trucos

Cultivated Fungi are essential to Anthill development. Leafcutter Ant can cultivate plants into fungi. Leafcutter Ants requires plants to produce fungi. Continue to dig and see if plants can be found. Found Haworthia here. Start to gather now. Plants are an essential resource for the Anthill. Ants cultivate the cut plants to produce fungi needed by the larvae, thus promote Anthill development. Leafcutter Ant can cultivate fungi now with plants. Resource Transport - Worker Ants feed on fungi and produce them after supplying Plants to Leafcutters.

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Cultivated Fungi are essential to Anthill development.Leafcutter Ant can cultivate plants into fungi. With enough food, larvae start to grow. The Queen and the ant colony also become stronger and stronger. The colony is on the right track and more space is required for development. A threat may bring an end to the colony. Handle in it time. The place to hatch Guardian Ants. Huge heads enable them to be good protectors. As Shield of Colony, they will defend it to death. The colony knows nothing about their new nest. Send some to probe. Sentinel Ant marks the tiles of opportunities and risks. Threat eliminated. But the soldiers feed on forage. Find food and water for them. It was hunger that drove us to exploration.

The Ants Underground Kingdom Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Breeding woodlise in captivity can provide the ant colony with Meat constantly. Worker Ants can start to gather now!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Ants Underground Kingdom cheat code - give: speed up, meat, water, plant, wet soil, sand, fungus, honeydew, diamonds, premium troops, orange ant, supreme hatch, gift pack E, all resources, vip status
3. Meat is the essential protein for ants' survival in the Anthill. The supply of meat directly determines the scale of Anthill development.
4. Water is essential to all living creatures. Ants are not an exception. Proper humidity also makes the living condition more comfortable for ants. A place where the ant colony feeds, constantly consuming stored Meat and Water.
5. Ant Pop. - Dining Area is where the ant colony feeds, which will constantly consumes stored Meat and Water.
6. Resource Transport - The Feeding Ground is where the ants eat and drink. Keep supplying water and meat for them.
7. The Native Fungus Flora growing underground provides necessary furgi the ant colony.
8. Found an aphid larva here. It can provide precious honeydew for the ant colony after growing up.
9. Aphids provide a constant supply of Honeydew, an important strategic reserve for the ant colony.
10. A strange cocoon is found, which requires extensive preparation to be hatched. Evolution is a light illuminating all facts, and a curve that all lines must follow.
11. Wet Soil is a natural binding material for Anthill construction, and a vital resource to maintain Anthill structure.
12. Evolve - The spherical fungus growing underground offers unexpected evolution effects. Meat Rapid Production is available once the evolution is completed, and it is good way to alleviate urgent needs.

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