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Game story

You are a presidential candidate who is just starting out in Texas. You currently have just over 4 millions supporters and there are 89 weeks until election day. Rural and urban growth are the most important statistics for your candidacy, seen on the left side of the screen. Rural and urban growth determine how fast your campaign's support grows within the states that you currently have support. Rural and urban spread, also seen on the left side of the screen, determine the likelihood that your campaign will spread to a new state during any given week. Think about it in terms of probability, with 100% spread guaranteeing your campaign to move.

The Campaign Trail Hack Basics

Like many politicians, you can be corrupt in campaign trail. The corruption meter is shown on the right side of the screen. If your corruption exceeds 50%, you run the risk of losing campaign growth/spread for any given week. First, tap on the supporters button to access the supporters menu. In the supporters menu, you can see more detailed information about the composition of any given state, your support, electoral votes, and projections. Select any state from the list now to see more information. Press the button in the top right corner to dismiss the supporters menu. You now have 20 campaign points. Please click on the campaign button to access the campaign menu. Purchase the first level of collaboration. Collaboration is highly effective in rural states, greatly increasing your rural growth and spread. Since Texas is a more rural state, this will lead to faster support growth within Texas.

Hint & Tips

1. Collaboration - work with members of your political party to ensure that your ideals are unified. Highly effective in rural areas and somewhat effective in urban areas.
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3. Sometimes, a candidate has to get a little dirty to succeed. Right now, it looks like you're out of money. Head over to the corruption menu and commit campaign fraud to gain 15 campaign points. After you partake in a corrupt act, you cannot be corrupt for 10 weeks.
4. Spending multipliers last for five weeks and are necessary for your campaign to move from state to state. Without spending multipliers, your campaign will not effectively move from state to state. Buy rallies to multiply your rural spread by 4 and make it equivalent to your rural growth.

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