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rubies - use OmBdBp0St
off ads - A9sH6mAjm
secret combination - MswcQ9NCA
money - 7H2jiZ7QL
double rewards - FMj16GNyY
premium weapon - ZzKpzQmtS
farming potion - Kcpp1CFe2
ticket - rBZVBhEwS
The Chest A Cursed Hero starter package - DwAMeuy1r
admin panel - DvF0d7AjW
speed up - x5aJ2UcFS
chests - use 9VZDTLVjz
accessory - 1CNCI5p61
expert draw x55 - 4qKZReXG8
cards - aWAoKb5LG
legendary chest - use 6rzvYlvZx

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The Chest A Cursed Hero Game story

Hey you! Stop running away! This is getting tiresome! Come here so we can end this! Standard upgrade can be done with the money obtained from defeating monsters here. Main mission - obtain rubies here by completing various missions. Battle with the boss when the boss button becomes active. Check quest information, complete quests to obtain rewards. Remember, more rewards can be obtained from the next hunting zone.

The Chest A Cursed Hero Hack Basics trucos

Activate buffs from the buff meno on the top left corner. There are also buffs that can pause. If you feel dizzy from the background scroll. You cans top the screen in additional menu. Press the level up button to upgrade the stat. Press and hold to perform consecutive level ups. Upgrade according to your quest's goals. Upon clearing the new stage, rubies can be acquired.

enter cheat (The Chest A Cursed Hero gift codes):
upgrade trucos - XhNKDmUjI
level up - tBS5xuEhg
daily pack - enter pass 7ZrblbTFN
admin account - qqlwBrhqg
Month Card x1 - eFM34h5AM
booster pack - R3RT70mIG
evolve - uhN7h9sNd
enhance - fGM9wmT5i
Complete the mission from the mission menu on the top left corner and press the obtain button. Vip gear package - acquire 1 level higher class gear (weapon, weapon chest) at a time, among the highest class in possession. You can no longer receive rewards for when you have a perfect attendance. If you do not receive rewards, your rewards may pass. Press the upgrade button below to upgrade ATK boost.

The Chest A Cursed Hero Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Ticket lets you obtain weapons for free. You can draw cards by using card draw ticket. Achieve your collection mission by collecting cards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Chest A Cursed Hero cheat code - give: rubies, money, premium weapon, speed up, off ads, farming potion, ticket, chests, accessory, expert draw x55, cards, legendary chest
3. Upgrading weapons will increase ATK. Equip weapons according to the weapon slot of the weapon chest. Upgrading weapon chests will increase ATK SPD and money gained. To earn money faster, upgrade weapon chests.
4. Accessories can make you stronger in an instant. To become stronger quickly, upgrade accessories.
5. You can obtain gear card ticket by fusing gears. Complete the collection mission by obtaining cards with the gear card ticket. As more as you play, the rat of obtaining gears increases.

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The Chest A Cursed Hero Redeem code - premium gift box 11.06.2021

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