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Game story

By the middle of the 21st century, significant advancements had been made in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. Scientists had begun developing self-aware printable robots, capable of simulating human needs for sustenance and shelter. Faced with an indefinite future of servitude, one group of robots hatched a plan to create a new life for themselves. Realising there would be no place on Earth they could enjoy freedom without persecution, they looked to the heavens. They commandeered the nearest rocket ship and flew out into the darkness of the solar system in search of a new home where they would be free to fulfil their dream: to be human...

The Colonists Hack Basics trucos

You have a few resources to get your colony up and running. You can see how many of each resource you currently have via the resource ribbon, found in the bottom left of the screen. Access and navigate through the resource ribbon to select the flashing logs icon to open the resource panel. Now let's navigate to the highlighted tab to see the logs overview panel. This is the overview panel, providing information about the currently selected resource. Once your ready, close this panel and the resource ribbon using B. Now let's access the radical menu, flashing in the bottom right of the screen.

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Radial menu contains everything you need to manage and expand your growing colony. First, let's build a lumberjack hut. To do this you will need to access the build option, then find and select the lumberjack hut ready for construction. You're now in build mode. Let's place the lumberjack hut somewhere near your colony ship. The lumberjack hut gathers logs, placing it near some trees would be a ideal location. You can see the required logs for construction. There are some available at the colony ship but there is no route to your lumberjack hut yet as indicated by the yellow alert icon. Resources move around your colony along roads.Close the building panel, then access the radial menu and select the road option.

The Colonists Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Roads can only be started from existing road posts. Select the road post outside the colony ship and build a road. You can also use X to set waypoints, allowing for greater flexibity.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: research, energy, resources, premium bot, tier up, transport, food, military, ships, auto build
3. Your carrybits can now transport the logs along the roads to the road post outside the lumberjack hut. The stackbot for the lumberjack hut will then pick up the resources and the buildbot will then be able to construct the building.
4. The colony ship generates a small amount of energy to get you started but your colony will soon require lots more. You can generate additional energy at residences so next let's build your first residence.
5. You can research various technologies to unlock new buildings and transport modes which improve and advance your colony. Technologies are researched by researchbots at the workshop building. Researchbots require energy to research technology as well as resources specific to that technology. More advanced technologies require higher level workshops which in turn require more advanced energy to function. To see what technologies you have available you can either select a workshop or access the radial menu and select the management option to find the technology overview.

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