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Game story

Welcome, you are currently on the 18th floor of hell, which is the end of the three realms. Don't ask why you are here. I am tired of those who are at the ened of hell. If you want to get out of here, you must use both your brain and your strength. I will guide you through the basics of the game. First, you should choose for yourself minimum 3 companions standing in here. This is very important, because the right team will give you a good start. Do not worry, the rest of them will still join your squad if you can afford them later. In addition to your main class warrior, the other classes are cleric, scholar, merchant, dancer, apothecary, thief, hunter. A total of all 8 basic classes at the start of the game. And there are many more classes the you will discover soon, Each class always has unique skills and different advantages and disadvantages.

The Endless Journey Hack Basics trucos

After choosing the right lineup, go into the portal of light in the middle of this place to begin the arduous journey. A squad when fighting will have a maximum of 5 members, including 4 members and 1 alternate member, you can change the lineup at will. Also you should check out the game manual, which is a more detailed guide to help you understand the game more deeply.
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Characters The Endless Journey - RPG Dungeon Crawler: Thieves - are quick and use physical attacks or can weaken enemies with their skills. Dancers - use dark magic attacks and supportive dances to raise their team's stats. If there is a dancer in battle, experience received increases by 25%. Merchants - are all about money and adventure, and will help you become rich and acquire otherwise unavailable items. Also, have the ability to use wind magic. If there is a merchant in battle, gold received increases by 25%. Apothecaries use ingredients to help support their teammates, and have some ice elemental damage as well. Clerics mostly support allies through healing magic, but has some damaging light magic as well. Scholars use elemental magic to hit all enemies at once. Besides, also have the ability to analyze the enemy's weaknesses.

The Endless Journey Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You should save the game for the first time. After the first save is finished, go back to title menu and reload the save game, the autosave system will automatically activate.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlock classes, rune, artifact, off ads, gold, dungeon ticket, stone, materials, level up, upgrade, restore hp, admin panel, secret location, crystals, gems, resources
3. This is a hard game where you have to use a lot of tactics and some luck to survive. the core of the game is to conquer the most difficult dungeons, the higher the dungeon level, the more dangerous monsters types will appear. Besides, the rewards received are getting better. The dungeon has certain basic rules, you should master these.
4. Dungeon level is the level of all monsters created in the dungeon, this is the main goal for you to overcome. You will star with dungeon level 1, when you defeat the unique boss of the dungeon, you will unlock the next level. Every 5 levels will have many more types of monsters and new boss will appear, accompanied by many new types of difficult tactics. You can adjust the dungeon level on the next crystal. Only when you beat the boss with the level equal to or greater than the dungeon level you set, will you unlock the next level.

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