Cheats hack The Fifth ARK code:pass ticket, quest points, passport, exclusive rewards, super draw, gold, off ad, chest, gems The Fifth ARK Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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The Fifth ARK hack cheat code List

pass ticket - use hack S2WQ0Tvir
daily pack - enter pass qE5FGZ5Sx
quest points - OmNq8Ri8u
gems - w0ET2m1Ep
booster pack - yCmP5ZjXj
passport - B7Dr8gxcm
Month Card x1 - V7BGiwOKg
exclusive rewards - q0OUolzCZ
daily gift bag x10 - tSXSocZXN
resources - JaT5qXiDy
stamina - KAbX20Zmp
super draw - McgpICJQN
gold - rz55felbC
off ad - YJB6EMAgY
upgrade - TsOb9qknG
level up - jBODUDYgW
premium chest - X8Y9OHZ2x

The Fifth ARK use cheats
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Game story

Mystery lab's research on zombies has never stopped. But the direction seems... Zombies keep squeezing the space of survivors. You were appointed by the federation as commander of the ark. The task or regaining the Lar peninsula falls on you. We've been looking forward to your arrival. This is an action RPG shoot them up set in a post apocalyptic world. A sudden zombie outbreak has swept across the world and wiped out most of civilization. The few that survived this day of Reckoning are organizing to fight off the zombie hordes and rebuild society. As the commander of an elite force of heroes, you must take back the last remaining cities from the undead and rogue factions while uncovering the truth of what happened.

The Fifth ARK Hack Basics

According to the schedule, the federation supplies should arrive today. Once we have them, we can start pushing the zombies back. We must get to the outer defense area ASAP. After receiving a usable item, you cna use it by tapping the item in the item bar. This is the area to be recovered. You must destroy all the zombies to recover area. The walls of the defense area have been temporarily repaired. They can hold off the zombies for now. The gates of the vehicle garage will automatically open once you kill all the zombies outside. When you reach the vehicle interaction area, there will be a button for uploading a vehicle. After uploading the vehicle, there will be downloading toll button, and you can leave the vehicle after clicking it.

Hint & Tips

1. In trial by fire, there are stages specifically designed to test your ranged heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stamina, resources, pass ticket, quest points, passport, exclusive rewards, super draw, gold, off ad, premium chest, gems
3. You can still make manual moves during auto combat. Use the explosives in instances to take out groups of zombies.
4. Don't forget to collect free stamina every day. Remember, the supplies generated from offline production have a maximum limit. Don't forget to collect them.
5. Upgrade center - you will gain new features after upgrading the corresponding modules. Quarters - we can decorate and modify this place. Go to the shop and buy some furniture.
6. After supplying, remember to activate or upgrade mercenary units in file library. After using the taunting dummy, zombies will be attracted to it, giving us an opportunity to destroy them.

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The Fifth ARK Redeem code - premium gift box

1. nHAAfDhk9fYiXVE
3. 9dBp8jeMqfHotl0
4. seIwFhHIjlrFLF4
5. w5KTMWEPHwpbCku
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