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resources - use Zi04vuHJT
off ads - pa7QEAzcH
secret combination - 6zGK2cxZ1
gold coins - l9vqZRZmv
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legendary equipment - RCXX97kic
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The Finder starter package - 1nWs7ZtWh
admin panel - NiYOG4uq8
specials rewards - qimtLWFoE
arcanum - enter ftpmqFEG3
weapon - ZTc7XYdh4
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mystery chest - pass 7Nv1nzymc
green gems - use eu3noCSQo
relic gift - enter GFmpbG6lb
stylish pack - 23KoAGTCm

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The Finder Game story

Welcome to Plum Blossom Village. Thank you for saving Pegasus Castle. I'm Si Qian, villge head of Plum Blossom Village. I've heard a lot about you, when I see you, I can feel the energy of hero. Recently, something unusual happened in the village. But I'm not sure it is Demon's action. I have asked Guard Captain to find out the reason, please come to support, I will give you a gift after complete. Guard Captain is waiting for you in front of the fountain. Please talk to Guard Captain.

Are you the person that Village Head mentioned? I'm Captital Zhang Hang who is responsible for protecting Plum Blossom Village. Agricultural land in the village was destroyed, and suffered heavy losses. It is difficult to judge whether was attacked by Demon or not. If the warriors are willing to help, can tstrengthen the prevention in the village. Please go to Destroyed Farmland in front of the village to investigate.

When you create a character, all 4 classes can be activated Green Gem are shared currency. Do not need to pay for each character.

Azure Dragon Swordsman
Main attribute: Power.
ATK type: Approach from multiple sides.
Special: Roll and Dodge.
Special Class Skill: Short range combo ATK.

Vermilion Birg Bowyer Master
Main attribute: Agility.
ATK type: Long-range Fanning.
Special: Step back and Dodge.
Special Class Skill: Short range combo ATK.

Black Tortoise Hercules
Main attribute: HP.
ATK type: Approach focus.
Special: Defensive Stance.
Special Class Skill: Large range combo ATK.

White Tiger Taoist
Main attribute: Wisdom.
ATK type: Multilayer flame strike.
Special: Dodge and move quickly.
Special Class Skill: Premier ATK.

The Finder Hack Basics trucos

To be strongest you... On the third day, there would be a Legendary Equipment Ticket. On the Seventh day there would be a Myth Dressing Equipment Ticket. It's great that you're ok! Thank you for your blessing, I could survive when he investigated in Plum Blossom Mountain, sudenlly was attacked by Demon. Although I have escaped death...But now is a dangerous time, must tell village head. Training Captain has something to tell you. I'm Cultivation Hall Curator Du Lu Qi. I'll teach you how to equip skills. Follow me.

enter The Finder gift pass:
upgrade trucos - BzWK0km0b
level up code - 1q2cYy5Dd
daily pack cheat - enter pass dl6C9OHSJ
admin account - hm3kn8It0
Month Card x1 - 8z0O5tnpz
booster pack - 1YeFzttBJ
evolve - 4P7C4Vasa
enhance - XT7caMTTb
Our troops are treated and inflicting damage on enemies (increases the turns of recovery by rank and level). Use skill to destroy Demons. Depending on level, you'll have more skill slots, don't forget to equip. This time it's my turn. I'll describe Special Arcanum. Arcanum can enhance skills. Arcanum brings poison effect. Can do damage over time effect from poison with certain chance. Collecting materials to receive Special Arcanum through normal craft. Each Arcanum has level from D to SSS like equipment. The higher the level the higher the chance and damage will be. Try your best to receive strong Special Arcanum.

The Finder Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. You still use this to fight? Not good! Open chest collecting items and equipments. Your current equipments are too old! There is no better equipment in the bag! Click the weapon. Click the new equipment to use. Curious about the feature of the newly received weapon? Let's try it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Finder cheat code - give: shield ticket, legendary equipment, myth dressing, arcanum, weapon, accessory, stone, green gems, gold, mount, change class, materials, attribute points, magic orb, mystery chest, relic gift, stylish pack
3. If Team Scroll are used, all team members can pass and share the relevant rewards. When Team Scroll is executed, the number of hunting caught by the party members is also accumulated. Get yourself a party and you will have party buff to activate.
4. Can update level of fighting quest. Can increase EXP and gold rewards following grade C grade B grade A grade S.
5. ATK Amulet - After using Attack +500 will temporarily increase. Cannot use when you're in Dungeon or Village. Can equip in the 1st slot.
6. Fighting requires Recovery Potion. I'll teach you how to equip Recovery Potion. Recovery Potion can be found in the Consumable in your chest.

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The Finder Redeem code - premium gift box 22.07.2021

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