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The Flying Sword hack cheat code List

gold - use hack kRv2F0ReC
daily pack - enter pass qM95fgbsL
gem - GmzmIOUE7
premium weapon - dPswHfUhz
booster pack - T5GxwmLgd
auto clicker - NoHEgNRmH
Month Card x1 - MACCcXdqf
upgrade - K4PwUPhbs
daily gift bag x10 - 7JChnehnE
secret combination code - jBsuwhlRt
game speed x10 - dwOGZfO5z
no cd - U4QnLQJWC
stone - mT6jL4ZGc
weekly box - fO6kuL3wv
off ad - nbUpvjtUH
legendary monster - bHis8OyOG
level point - RJeJRwdbh
increase damage - ygQfMMS9D
attack speed 200% - 3l1VQb1g4
power ups - OBgXstHaR

The Flying Sword use cheats
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Game story

Before we start the game, this is a tutorial to explain the essential parts. It's not a burden, so please be as familiar with the content as possible before playing. Space for mounting and releasing weapons to attack enemies. You can identify the weapons you have. Touch the weapon to view the weapon informations or mount the weapons. Weapons can be reinforced in the weapons information window.

The Flying Sword Hack Basics

Equipped weapons attack enemies automatically. Would you like to set a target? If you press the field more than 0.3 seconds, the target area is set and only attacks enemies within the. It would be perfect for boss monsters and interruptions, right? You can see the ranking of stage modem random dungeon, and time challenge. You can replace or upgrade your skills. You can see an illustrated guide of the weapons, monsters, and minerals that. You can check the game information and set the background music and sound.

Hint & Tips

1. Casting tab - you can build new weapons here. However, we need blueprints that can be obtained from the boss monster or the weapons box. Also, weapons production requires minerals that can be found in boss monsters, minerals boxes. He who enjoys the battle, will also get sword.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, gem, premium weapon, auto clicker, of ad, no cd, stone, legendary monster, level point, increase damage, attack speed 200%
3. I've told you all the basic parts of the game. Gather various swords and complete your own armory. What's left is game play.

The Flying Sword Hack tools Version:


The Flying Sword Redeem code - premium gift box

1. mYIoev4UYrNczJ0
2. QkcSBhKud0S4Jjx
3. G5PcYZ0Mw34YBxu
4. eU5roONAJIQnj9p
5. 4TPLt8blmjrRyle
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