Cheats hack The Haven Star code:exclusive outfit, premium weapon, unlimited ammo, resources, food, speed up, auto aim, guns skin The Haven Star Hack tools gift voucher material, shield, equipment, restore HP codes game bug android, ios.

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exclusive outfit - use LozZfQESC
off ads - LozZfQESC
secret combination - 4sDZRgI62
premium weapon - YYjo030Mx
double rewards - 5uJg9LUaM
unlimited ammo - iYmUsSfKp
booster - hmFnYlHmh
food - 1MENoNdjB
The Haven Star starter package - dx3k6lyV1
admin panel - G4nFrU1WD
specials rewards - 4MMwNiKNJ
resources - enter QMBYRx8hU
speed up - ONtpydUQg
auto aim - use gnRHyYtrA
guns skin - use zWIKzU2lj
shield - PeQ6Go1Ed
material - x42xrEqnK
vip status - u6U77pagf
equipment - use lowStBPGZ
restore HP - use o0SIPiZeK
cash - vhSXrFNSD
gems - PLIcpdIR9
increase attack speed - AOkSWQkNY

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The Haven Star Game story

Logger - As outstanding employees of a large mining corporation, all staffs were, without exception, specialists of resources survey and extraction, they know how to save time and effort to get the raw materials from nature. Profession exclusive - Increase damage to trees by 20%.
Doctor - The doctor is an indispensable professional, and the medical officer who experienced the battlefield is among the best. They are real experts on how to maximize the efficiency of medication usage. Profession exclusive - Increase efficiency of medication usage by 20%.
Driver - There will always be unexpected situation in an unfamiliar environment, and while professional soldiers can handle these calmly, they are mainly responsible for more direct battle tasks. And that is where having security guards with rich vehicle driving experience leading the team out of such situation, and special training allows. Profession exclusive - Increase vehicle speed by 20%.
Agents - The rich firearms experience makes the peacekeepers undisputedly the core of the team, customised weapons and equipment made for special tasks often aided them more advantageous in battles. Profession exclusive - Weapon recoil -15%; Weapon stability +15%.
Hunter - In order to cope with the possible deviation of landing zone, survival experts are proficient in survival techniques in the wilderness, knows how to lead the team out of the standed island, with the knowledge of the weakness and habits of almost every large wild animals, to avoid any possibility of casualties. Profession exclusive - Increase damage against animals by 20%.

The Haven Star Hack Basics trucos

Having a Craft table allows you to make more advanced items. First move to the target location. Jump forward to get over low obstacles ahead. In addition to providing protection, clothes can help you carry more items. Organize yourself before we proceed forward. Tree trunk is blocking the road, squat to go through. Go through here quickly, and head over to the next target point. There is food, replenish your stamina. Take out the food you just got, eat it. Food can increase Satiation, fill your tummy then you can survive. Eat up and move on. Pick up a weapon, the training ground has some dummy robots for target practice. Get close to the target, swing your weapon, beat it. Try to defeat the enemy in front with more powerful firearms. Now aim the sight at the enemy, and shoot.

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - J8lN5DT3j
level up code - Rebw7RQAN
daily pack The Haven Star cheat - enter pass uw5hEnSIo
admin account - 3XFwFs8gq
Month Card x1 - jyY7wamQE
booster pack - EKZFoU2eN
evolve - eGadQjA3Q
enhance - kXMgrkiLx
When you run out of bullets, remember to reload. During a fight, all kinds of medication can help you recover your state. Open the backpack and take out the medicine. Use flu medicine to increase your health value. Roads blocked by trees, this axe can help you clear a path. Click on the axe in the shortcut, or open the backpack to equip axe. Aim at the tree that blocking the road, chop it down. Follow along the route to reach the destination. Use blueprint to learn to make new items. Fracture can be treated using splints.

The Haven Star Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Hunter notes Skill description:
1. Reduce detection radius by animals
2. Increase damage against animals
3. Defeat animals will drop extra items
4. Increase damage of traps
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter The Haven Star cheat code - give: exclusive outfit, premium weapon, unlimited ammo, resources, food, speed up, auto aim, guns skin, material, shield, equipment, restore HP
3. Radiation protection basics Skill description:
1. Unlock Hazmat suit manufacturing
2. Increase self max radiation limit
3. Unlock RadiaShield manufacturing.
4. Wire - Used to connect and power up electrical appliances.
5. Surgical bandage - Clean sterilized bandages, can stop bleeding and recover health. HP +30, 100% Probability of triggering. Surgical bandage effect.
6. Cooked meat - Consume to recover some satiation. Satiation +20 Hydration +5, 100% Probability of triggering Satisfied effect.
7. Wooden board - A basic material, can be obtained by cutting down trees and processed.
8. Miner's helmet - A mediocre safety standart helmet used by civilians, provide excellent physical protection and comes with a torchlight attached to allow illumination in the dark. Head damage reduction +35%.

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The Haven Star Redeem code - premium gift box 26.07.2021

1. 5rA1O1hGzmslYST
2. f19Vtd27MKTRXTQ
3. JPgpcbomxjIVqaM
4. UJea75rVzIYN73j
5. jJ04DDdkvwcEzF5
6. ZoPqJE587q5GxmR
7. 2SjO4UdU9gkdiiR
8. VuHQn5iHj968Opu
9. HUMiSTMwhnCfPek
10. DkiTiDUB1PjRje6
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