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power blitz pack - uM6nUdS58
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battle token - TKHsGgBrV
stat potion - 2kBw2Sh6y

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Game story

In the 13th century, the Mongol iron steeds swept the European continent. This war became a living nightmare for the Europeans then, and was known as the scourge of God. As a knight templar entrusted with sending a letter to the local church, you are unwittingly embroiled in this unexpected invasion. Allow me to introduce the diligent and organized steward Robert, the brilliant political theorist Nietzsche, the formidable warrior Paris, the expert sailor Columbus, and the wise scholar socrates. Troy sits on the east coast of the Aegean Sea, with a busting port, fertile farmlands, and hardworking people. As a lord, your most critical duty is to run a good city.

THE LORD Hack Basics

Parliament - where you can administer policies or manage assets. I'll be managing the commerce, farming, and military in the city for you. SUperior geographical location enables Troy to become a hub for maritime trade-improve all followers' total COM to levy enough gold for the state. (1 COM equals 1 gold). The Mediterranean tropics and twisting mountains begat countless micro climates - improve all followers' total AGR to levy enough food for the state. As the richest city state along the east Aegean shore, we attract many immigrant, improve all followers' total CHA to continuously expand population, which is the key to ensuring a fully staffed army. The level of power indicates a lord's might, Improve your might by training followers. You alone cannot hope to oversee such a large city. As the lord, you should delegate wisely. Tap followers and upgrade them.

Hint & Tips

1.A follower's stats show his strength and weakness. Leveling up and improving aptitude (APT) will raise a follower's stats. Follower stats comprise the core of your power, so upgrade followers to elevate your power.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give:promote, gold, resources, pickaxe, speed up, charisma, intimacy, premium medicinal herb, event points, power blitz pack, conscription token, battle token, stat potion
3. CP - affects how well followers fight. Commerce (COM) - gold revenue from businesses. Agriculture (AGR) - quantity of food produced by farms. Charisma (CHA) - how many soldiers are recruited.
4. Followers has four aptitudes: CP, COM, AGR, CHA. Raising one of these four aptitude also improves the corresponding stats. Greater the aptitude greater the stat increase in a upgrade.

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