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specialized search - use zbSLatxby
off ads - pPht1pMGh
secret combination - FQNDvYolS
legendary heroes - 348tuG0cm
double rewards - bvIyMqtXJ
equipment - 198qmesii
elemental weapon tiles - wIecJ1qK8
resources - EadEbDzF5
starter package - I23P2vr5b
admin panel - DoO5QZLtc
speed up - XfTH3NQfK
oil - use ujWBlovdL
nature mastery - U2gY3gwiC
terminator set - HJNMFoOM7
energy refil - vNlGKCP9z

The Matching Dead use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

An old supermarket, 3km from the school. We can search this supermarket, maybe we can find what we need. It's abnormally quiet, we should be extra careful. The people in the camp are waiting for us. Nothing we can do except to clean out the zombies here. The zombies in the supermarket have been exterminated. I hear something outside, it sounds like a lot. A lake of zombies. Let's get the hell out! The back door is broken! They're inside. Match 4 tiles to create a remote controlled bomb. Match 5 runes to create an EMP grenade. Tap to activate the EMP grenade.

The Matching Dead Hack Basics trucos

Tap the battle icon to fight off the zombies. Choose a target for your special ability. The number next to the enemy's health bar shows how many turns are left until the enemy attacks. Next, let's work together to take it out. The zombies overwhelmed us at the gate, we had to give it up and retreat to the school building. We have no supplies, no logistics. We even had to abandon the metal we recovered at the recycling station. It looks like there's no zombies left near the recycling station, maybe we can get those resources back.

enter cheat (The Matching Dead gift codes):
upgrade trucos - M1BzQPUcZ
level up - mYTgFleZc
daily pack - enter pass jVaZv5VYj
admin account - YcVPFsoqi
Month Card x1 - pHqCodjch
booster pack - eWMAVyIIP
evolve - xus9byq7Q
enhance - VJhOdpOrA
Metal storage can be used to store metal. Tap ' skip' button to build instantly. Tap on the bubble showing the metal on top of the recycling station to collect metal. Now that we have some resources to work with, we need some more helping hands. Maybe we can use the school bus to search for more survivors and bring them back like we used to? Remember to bring enough gas. The bus won't drive on its own.

The Matching Dead Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. We don't have enough space for more survivors, we need to build some more housing for them. Shelters can hold survivors, which can be trained into heroes.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: specialized search, legendary heroes, equipment, elemental weapon, resources, speed up, oil, nature mastery, terminator set, energy refil, extra team
3. Elements affect how much damage you can inflict. Attack the explosive enemy with power. The attack is weaker and only does half the damage. Now attack the explosive enemy with skill. The attack is stronger and does double damage.

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