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unlock the second build slot permanently - use QBLC35fXo
gems - SIggWkdvA
secret combination - jMFfqnoiV
wood - s6jmzQMFs
double rewards - 0kzGJhNcu
speed up - mnSbHjNUg
off ad - OxXKTKceo
research - 4UA1wfQ9M
demon heart - TpCmwMAF4
admin panel - oTjQjxrzk
soul shard - 1pqGxqBdx
lord EXP - use WhwZj9NjR
balens - lawCh59Bo
avatar frames - use dX5OWApFK

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Game story

You've risen again as an undead Lord, my liege, i would like to fill you in on the details, but there's no time! The vile humans are here! You have potential. Warlock king's Barriers are extremely powerful buffs. Complete enough of his missions and you'll be able to enjoy them. Quests - here you can see the current mission from the warlock king. Time is money - these arcane items allows us to really speed things up. Recover 98% if troops lost during battles with humans. I shall grant you some troops to defend your city. Now sally forth to expand your team.

The Revived Throne Hack Basics trucos

Buildings: Wishing well - produces and stores balens. Sawmill - produces and stores wood. Upgrade to increase production and capacity. Corpse pit - use to summon zombies. Upgrade to summon more and higher level troops. Castle - upgrade to unlock new buildings, new features, and increase resource collection speed on world map. Great hall - upgrading increases how many times could you and your allies and each other. It also makes them more effective. Psychic eye - upgrade to be effective against dark sky. Altar - upgrade to increase base resources and free prayers.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - YE8ywvELF
level up - EKWhFOLEs
daily pack - enter pass Uhc20PUz6
admin account - DO9J0BObm
Month Card x1 - ccePgGfC1
booster pack - 6DM51I6nh
evolve - NgSC5tdKW
enhance - kBsY1b0Oq
College - research various technologies to vastly improve your kingdom's development. We've unearthed a vast collection of eldritch tomes in the college, research them and get some permanent buffs. Upgrading it will unlock new tomes. The tomes come in different categories and give corresponding bonuses: military, defenses, development, and resources. This is where we keep our Non bound wood, balens, iron, and quicksilver from being looted when enemy attacks. It also prevents troops from spending them. Upgrade it will increase the amount of resources protected.

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1. Great hall allows you to join an alliance. Upgrading increases the number of troops you can have while assembling for a coordinated strike or can have as reinforcements, and also the number of time that you can ask help for.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: unlock the second build slot permanently, gems, wood, speed up, research, demon heart, soul shard, lord EXP, balens, avatar frames
3. First reward - these are the potential rewards that you might get when you defeat this enemy. Formations - here you can see all your troops in the city. You may move the slider to change how many troops you send out.
4. To summon specters you'll have to kill mobs like Peasants, militias, and archers. The number of specters summoned and their level is based on what skills you've unlocked.

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