Cheats hack The Second Light code:star nights, powerful items, artifact, shield, restore HP, secret location, rune combination The Second Light Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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The Second Light hack cheat code List

star nights - use hack 6MoRULbUo
powerful items - sCWkXn9ey
artifact - LU9tqTji4
shield - CjErGvijx
restore HP - bIuLubMe3
secret location - B6vQCzLIG
speed up - aQrtyY0nd
rune combination - rtCRqwxiR
unlimited energy - 9ijDbh146

The Second Light use cheats
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Game story

Pay attention closely, as this will be the only time i talk about this. This is the truth, as i lived it. 10 years ago the world witnessed the greatest war ever. I was part of that war. I was fighting for Lunatics, a guild i was part of. We were against Solaris. The reason was simple. The winning guild would rule the world. Our leader Sonus, being on the verge of defeat, opened the Acheron gate. Many people died, many Solaris soldiers, but also...many Lunatics. It was a blood bath until Supreme Sol, leader of solaris, gathered all the strength coming from the power of the sun, and channeled it against the gate. The gate was destroyed and the Acheron creatures killed. Sol eradicated evil forever in this world. Or so we though, but this is not the story. This is what happened 10 years ago.

The Second Light Hack Basics trucos

I finally found you. I was looking for you everywhere. THe world needs your help. THe Archeron gate is open and no one is doing anything about it. You are the great Lunatic warrior from the great war. You have not forgotten how to fight, have you? Go practice on combat dummies. Remember that using your skills will consume energy so you need to be smart about it.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - lXo4z0K2U
level up - pQEmeQ59T
daily pack - enter pass d8MyVSvFj
admin account - FpAMxjXIP
Month Card x1 - RKAAC2aQi
booster pack - W8KXsdA6X
That wall over there looks like it can be destroyed. There might be hidden treasures or clues behind the wall. I would suggest we go take a look. We should look for this kind of wall all the time. There are switches in this area can unlock your path. You will need to activate all the switches in the area. Sometimes they are hidden so we need to keep an eye for the switch count at the top of your screen. Be careful because if you die, the count will reset.

The Second Light Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If the enemy is too difficult to defeat, try to collect as many star nights as possible. With star nights you can purchase powerful items that will aid you in defeating the enemy.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: star nights, powerful items, artifact, shield, restore HP, secret location, rune combination, unlimited energy
3. DO you want to play a game of Mojack? It is a simple game. Whoever scores 21 wins. If no one scores 21, the one that has higher number wins. Be careful not to go past 21 or you will lose your precious star nights.

The Second Light Hack tools Version:


The Second Light Redeem code - premium gift box

1. XMGsjmhNoE3beGH
2. msotFKxyyOVLZou
3. xL8KxV0aDkVu5qL
5. wmpqVaibjTqCfd2
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