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Month Card x1 - lqt230Dl8
upgrade - KWyfPExCv
daily gift bag x10 - bPlFKCMCA
secret combination code - qfoOYXAIK
exclusive spirit - dpsTkuTvF
premium item - Fcqp0FJ8j
evolve - 216LJ6lLJ
unlock vip character - LgiiVyj9L
gold deck - EHY0urgU0
treasure chest, - bzgecoENz
stamina - C3Kr3mEbW

The Tree use cheats
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Game story

In this game, you will have to grow your tree and you may use the help of spirits to increase your chances. You start the game with 25 items plus the trunk token. In order to win the game you must be the first player to place them all on the tree and to use the trunk token. Left side - forest protector just arrived to help you. Once again the winter is over and here comes the spring. Let's wake up an other forest spirit. As every year for spring, you will need to cover all this forest with leafy trees. Hope you didn't forget how to do it.

The Tree Hack Basics

In your turn you will have 3 options to play, but only one per turn: play card, crow up the tree, draw cards. And you will play against opponents, they will be displayed on the top right corner of the screen. In that case the opponent is represented by an avatar, a yellow flower. You have the power in your hands to bring nature to life. The cards at the bottom are your hand. The cards above your hand are the river cards, they are common to all players. Each time you'll play a card, you shall be able to place on the tree the item show on the card, and it will be withdrawn from your reserve.

Hint & Tips

1. We have collected 3 branch cards, (one from your hand and 2 from the river), but you can also use the rule of making a pair, allowing you to obtain an extra item, a fourth branch card. By selecting two cards with the same spirit icon, you will be able to add an extra item.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: legendary card, credits, mana, full version, exclusive spirit, premium item, evolve, unlock vip character, gold deck, treasure chest, stamina.
3. In order to win the game, you will have to lower your items reserve to 0 and use your trunk token during the game. Play cards to feed the tree with items (branches, leaves, fruits...). You can only play one kind of items in each turn and items must be placed one by one, in the right order: first branches, then leaves, then bulbs, the fruit or flower. Now, look at the cards in the river. They become available each time they show the same item than the one you chose to play. Cards in the river add 1 item of the card you just played whenever there is a chance to place it on the tree. Here you may also profit from the joker card as the branch item is appearing on the joker card.
4. If the spirit icon of one card you just played matches one of the spirits on the screen, you will be able to invoke its power. Each spirit has a specific power that will help you completing your goal. Activate other spirits later in the game to discover their power. Each time a power is used, the spirits are swapping with others.

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The Tree Redeem code - premium gift box

1. W7WMAcMfqcqgCza
2. nVFo3P5eYj7TNkN
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4. 6OmWrvAaW9oWzLM
5. hTjXPeDaVodAMlo
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